Cat Eye Glasses 

Cat eye glasses are not one of the new styles in the market but have made a huge comeback. In history, you might have observed your mothers and grandmothers wear it and then it disappeared all of a sudden. Now, these are available in the market once again as a fashion tool. 

The cat eye glasses have most of its styling done on the upper side while less details are added on the lower area of the frame. The very distinct feature of these eyeglasses is the upswept brow line taping upwards in the direction of the temple. Other glasses are not shaped in such a way. Also, the width of the upper area of the frame is wider than the bottom. It makes it quite recognizable and different among other eye frames.

Why wear cat eye glasses

With a wide range of other eye glasses available in the market, you might be wondering what benefits these cat eye glasses can offer. Let’s move on and have a look.

Serves as an up lifter

One of the most basic benefits of cat eye glasses is that it helps out to uplift your face. Because of the unique design of the cat eye frame, wearing it gives a stylish look enhancing all the features of one’s face. Other than this, it also draws the attention of others towards the eyes of individuals wearing it. 

 Women and men around the world have been wearing these glasses since the 1950's and 60’s. It assures one to achieve the look they have been looking for.

Best for a chubby face

People with a chubby face usually go around panicking while selecting the best eye glasses for themselves. Finding one can be a hard job but a cat eye frame is the best solution for people in this case. As the upper area of the frame is wider and spreads out, it gives a look of sharp angles that can give a tough and nicer look to a chubby or round face.

The glasses not only add up an amazing look to the shape of their face but the personality is brightened up as well.

Serves as a support to your style

Cat eye glasses not only have one kind of frames but different designs are available in it as well. However, all of them carry their distinctive style of frame. It provides an amazing and classy look to one’s outfit. Not only can you wear them with your party outfits but goes well with your work outfits and casual wear too. 

The common benefits

Like all other kinds of glasses, these glasses can help out in order to protect against the ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Whether it is the time of so much heat or the bright sun is out, you can easily go out without providing any harm to your eyes because of the harmful UV radiations.

You do not have to worry mixing them up with any other glasses as their frame is different from the frames of other eye glasses

How to select the best prescription lenses?

Choosing the right lenses for your glasses is very important. Usually people do not spend proper time while selecting the prescription lenses for their glasses. One should look upon the material, the designs, and lens coatings before selecting the one for themselves. It is very important as it has an effect on the comfort and safety of the individual using it. Not choosing the right ones can make you suffer. The question is how to select the right prescription lenses for cat eye glasses.

Lenses are made up of different material. All depends on why you want the lenses. Some of them are meant to improve the vision of individuals, some to protect the eyes while others enhance the vision.

Lenses that improve vision

If you are the one looking for lenses that can improve your vision, single vision lenses are the one for you. These prescription lenses are used by people dealing with conditions like myopia and astigmatism. 

However, if you are above forty years and suffering from presbyopia, you should use progressive lenses. It serves to help individuals see properly at almost all the distances.

Computer lenses allow you to focus on the digital screens and also when you switch your vision from one digital object towards another.

Lenses to protect eyes

There are different kinds of lenses that serve to protect eyes. They are made up of special coatings enhancing your lifestyle.

One of these lenses is a photochromic lens. It is a light sensitive lens. 

The other is an anti-glare lens which protects the eyes against bright lights including sunlight. People who drive on a regular basis or those who spend most of their time outside can use these lenses to protect their eyes.

Special lenses to protect eyes from UV radiations, TV and other digital screens like cell phones are blue light protection lenses. If you work in offices where you have to sit in front of a digital screen often, these prescription lenses are for you.

Lenses to enhance vision

People who are searching for the lenses that can enhance their vision are surely at the right place. Here we have a list of lenses that are all designed to enhance your vision.

First one is an anti-smudge lens to stop smudges and fingerprints reach your lenses through specialized coating.

Anti-dust lenses are designed to keep the dust from the environment and stay away so the vision can be enhanced.

Another special lens is an anti-scratch lens that protects lenses from any kind of scratches. As no scratches can reach your glasses, your vision is safe and hence enhanced.

There are water repellent lenses specially made and designed to protect your lenses from water so rain or any other water splash do not disrupt your vision.

Find the perfect eye cat glasses matching your perfect style

In a wide range of cat eye glasses available in the market, it is hard to find the perfect glasses for yourself. Not every eyeglass frame can match the style of every person making it hard to choose. However, there are a few tips that can be followed.

Tips to follow for cat eye glasses

Always focus on your face shape first. People have different face shapes like round face, diamond face, square face, oval face, and heart-shaped face. Select the cat eye glasses that best match your face shape.

Select the glasses frame that matches your skin tone. It is important to find a frame that looks suitable with your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone like yellow or bronze, go with glasses like brown shades, golden shades, beige, and green.

You should use dark colors if you have a cool skin tone. Like you may use purple, pink, blue, silver, or black color for your cat eye frame

See what kind of personality you have. Glasses are just not for the vision purposes but the kind of frame you wear can speak a lot about your personality. Hence, you have to choose the frame that matches with your personality. Like some frames give a cool look while others might give a stubborn look.

Always check if the glasses are comfortable or not. As you have to wear glasses for more than half a day, make sure to buy the ones that fit properly and stay in place.

Match the frame with your style. Select the eyeglasses that are suitable with the kind of work you do. There are a few frames that can add up to your style if you are a business man or woman. All depends on what kind of look you want to convey. Select your glasses keeping that in mind.

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Final Remarks for cat eye frames

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