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When you see clear, you see the world. Don’t let poor vision cost you a lifetime of opportunities. At Hip Optical, we have come up with a list of the best pair of inexpensive glasses to improve your vision with optimum eye care. From prescription glasses to sunglasses to even regular glasses, pick any of the superior quality eyewear

We offer the best glasses and contact lenses collection for men and women. Our glasses are available, keeping in mind the latest in technology, style, and comfortable vision. Take time to browse through the styles and make sure to stun the world with your chic pair of glasses without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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We have a vast range of prescription glasses on offer for you if you have blur vision-prescription glass requirements. We urge you to consult the optometrist and get the power before shopping from us. 

How to Buy Cheap Glasses Online?

Shopping for the glasses from our Hip Optical site is effortless.

  1. Click on Shop for men or women 
  2. Look at different styles of premium quality frames on offer
  3. Add it in the cart and check out
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Get High Quality Lenses for Discount Glasses

You may have heard of the variety of lenses on offer for men and women. Have you ever wondered why there are so many of them around? After all, they solve the one purpose - to give a clear vision. The purpose may be the same on the surface level, but each lens caters to a different condition. We understand that these should also get different lens treatments to ensure a perfect vision and eye care in daily life. Whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle or a highly energetic one, you need to wear these, and it is where we give our best of technology in popular demand at an affordable price.

Single Vision: These are the standard single vision lenses, and they are great for those who need to correct myopia and a host of other vision-related problems. They are also in use for correcting astigmatism or hyperopia to be precise. So, stop battling with visibility issues while reading a book or from the computer screen.

Progressive: A novice would not find much difference between a multifocal and a single-vision lens. There is no line lens, and it helps you to see clearly from all distances. The power is said to change from one point on the lens to the other so, you can see things at all distances with equal clarity. Progressive pair of glasses can be used for giving better clarity to those suffering from presbyopic and even nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Photochromatic: Do you squint while walking out on bright sunny days? Go for the eyeglasses with UV coating and photochromic lenses. These come with a special coating to darken the moment you step outdoors, even on the cloudy days. It is great for those who want to protect their eyes from UVA and UVB rays. It is also ideal for those who would not prefer carrying around a separate set of sunglasses. 

Polarized: Think of your polarized lenses as being an upgraded version of lenses with anti-reflective and anti-glare features. They are ideal for safeguarding your eyes from the sunlight bouncing snow, roads, and water, thereby not blinding you. They are also ideal when you are looking for exposure for a long time. 

At Hip Optical, we also try to bring in more features as anti-scratch lenses for you to see clearly despite drops and impact. You may even check out our bifocals or trifocals range from the site. You can get these from our store for your prescription glasses. Just make sure to have your prescription and pupillary distance figures ready while checking these lenses. 

Strong and Stylish Frames of Glasses Online

We have frames for every shape of face and style. 

  • Full-rim frames
  • Semi-rim frames
  • Rimless frames

What are the materials of the frames we offer, you may ask? We prefer using acetate and metal frames typically. We also offer frames in plastic for those seeking some quirky and durable use. You can get these from our men’s section and women’s section as well. You can pick the frames in various colors and brands. Under each pair of glasses, see the number of colors on offer for that particular frame shape. It can be anything from one color to as many as three or four. Such diversity is only available if you are looking for frames.

As you shop for glasses on our site, remember that these are more than just a pair of reading glasses or computer glasses. They are not just a fashion accessory. They will be talking a lot about your personality as a whole. 

How do you know the best frames for your needs? Simply follow these pointers, and you’ll be able to get the right frames for your face cut. 

Cat’s eye frames

These are quirky and define your oval-shaped face. They have sharp edges pointing out on the outside. 

Rectangular frames

When your face is round, go for these rectangular frames. It also makes sense to go for these if your face is oval or heart-shaped. 

Square frames

The best shape of the face to go with these types of glasses is the heart-shape. 

Round frames

Think of more sharp angular jawlines, and you cannot miss the round frames. They accentuate the eyes when the forehead is broad and take the attention away from your forehead and jawline. The round frames work wonders on oval-shaped faces.

Did you wonder if we have the appropriate pair of glasses with the right color to suit your personality? The thick black frames are bold and strong, and they give a geeky look. The eclectic range of green, yellow, red, and blue frames are always there for you to shine. These are ideal for a cheerful and creative bend of mind. 

The tortoiseshell pattern of glasses, floral patterns, or any geometric patterns is suitable to those who seek to remain young at heart. Clubmasters or browline frames are great if you have a no-nonsense approach to life. These frames define your nose, eyebrows, and even your jawline. 

Light on Pocket, High Quality Eyewear with Style 

We are a trusted name offering the best and cheapest glasses online because our products are stylish and yet not expensive. We have a separate range of glasses for about $87, which is pretty affordable when you consider the durability it offers. 

We ensure all the glasses pass through several levels of testing for glasses and after fitting the lenses on the frames. The quality team ensures the hinges work well, and the springs are in place, ensuring smooth wearability. 

Get prescription glasses online matching the numbers to the T! Our team offers to call your optometrist in case you want us to get more details for your eyewear. We have the specialists working round the clock to take care of getting the PD numbers accurately and even your glasses to help in reducing the power. 

Eye pressure and power are the key factors for a pair of reading glasses, and we cannot deny it. Your work of getting the right specs for yourself might be over in four steps. However, where your work ends, ours begins!

We ensure to cover all your features and specifications to the precise levels, so you don’t face any problem. All the multifocal, bifocal, or trifocal glasses are available and pass the tests to ensure they are flawless. The best aspect of our pair of glasses is affordability. You can get these discount glasses without any compromise on quality. 

Style is also a prerogative we focus on, and you can rest assured that we have the designs to blow your mind away. Look great and see better with the high-quality pair of glasses from Hip Optical. 

What are you waiting for? Browse through our site, buy glasses, and view the world in its truest colors!