Cheap Prescription Glasses OnlineMillions of people around the world are facing some vision issues and they need corrective glasses to deal with the problem. Whether it is due to age factor, due to some chronic disease or due to extended work hours on the computer; one should find some trustworthy way to prevent vision loss. It is also important to find a reliable solution for the outdoor movements as well because the UV rays from the sun also pose harm to human eyes.

Optometrists around the world recommend using prescription glasses to correct your vision. But before buying them, you might be eager to know more about cheap prescription glasses online. Well, the article below can guide you better to make your purchase for the best eyewear.

What are prescription glasses?

As the name indicates, prescription glasses are prescribed by the opticians to prevent decay in eyesight or to correct the vision problems. You can find prescription glasses as well as prescription sunglasses in the market. Depending upon the type of glasses you choose, they can be worn while working on the computer or while moving out in the peak sunlight.

Prescription sunglasses can save your vision from the harmful impact of blue light released from screens as well as UV rays from the sun. There is no point in buying any random glasses or sunglasses from the market. Rather, you should fix an appointment with professionals to know your prescription. They can guide you about the right lens type and angle adjustment to ensure perfect vision. Once you get a prescription from opticians, it is possible to buy the right pair of glasses online.

Types of prescription lenses

Even after getting a prescription from an eye expert, customers have many options to decide about the style and design of glasses. You can go online and check some of the best types of lenses online. Below we have listed the best prescription lenses that you can think of buying:

Single vision lenses

Single vision lenses are some of the best types of lenses in the market. And the best part is that they are the least expensive as well. They are designed to correct both near and far vision. You can find these lenses to cover the largest visual field. In case if you have a problem only with long-distance or short-distance vision, you may need single vision prescription lenses.

Photochromic lenses

They are also known as transitional lenses. These lenses darken automatically whenever they come in contact with harmful UV rays. Hence, there is no need to buy an additional pair of sunglasses because they can protect you while working indoors and during outdoor movements as well. They are a popular choice to add some style to your wearables.

Progressive lenses

Earlier, people used to wear bifocal and trifocal lenses, but the scenario is changed with the advancements in technology. Multifocal lenses are the trend of the era, and they are technically called as progressive lenses. They have separate sections of distance and near correction; hence, users have a more versatile choice.

Tips for buying cheap prescription glasses online

When you are ready to buy a new pair of eyeglasses online, it is important to be careful with your selection. Below we have highlighted a few such tips to ease your purchase experience:

Tip 1: Be careful with your prescription

While shopping online, it is important to enter an adequate value in your prescription. Make sure your prescription guidelines are not more than a year old. It is better to fix an appointment with the optometrist first and let them check the current state of your eyesight. In many cases, health insurance covers the eye exam so you can save a few bucks. However, if you don’t have any policy right now, the cost of an eye exam is not much.

Tip 2: Frame sizes may vary

It is not just about picking up the frame that you like the most; one should check the frames based on the shape of the face. The market is loaded with plenty of size ranges and designs; you should pick the perfect frame size by checking your specific face requirements. Those who are going to buy glasses for the first time may find this selection a little difficult. But you can consider shopping from platforms that have a good return policy so that if frames don’t match your requirement, you can ask for return or replacement.

Tip 3: Know your pupillary distance

Usually, you may find details about pupillary distance on your prescription report, but if it is not mentioned by the optometrist, you may need to measure it yourself. It is basically the distance between the center of the pupils from one eye to the others. The glasses are required to be centered on the pupils for perfect vision. Hence, this measurement is essential.

Tip 4: Add-ons increase the price

While shopping online, you may get attracted to many low-cost accessories and coatings. Be careful while filling your shopping cart. Make sure you buy only what you need as not all those recommended things are a must for you. There is no need to pay for every upsell.

Prefer to follow these simple tips to make your purchase more budget-friendly and valuable.

How to buy prescription glasses online?

Online shopping is definitely a convenient and simple method to get what you like the most. Instead of spending loads of time exploring the best options in the local market; you can check options for prescription eyeglasses online. At the same time, online stores can help you save more.

Well, below we have highlighted a few steps that you should follow to make a purchase at affordable prices online:

Use the filter tool

You will be happy to hear that online shopping websites offer many filters to help you shortlist the best product in the store. Depending upon whether you need to buy prescription glasses for male, females, or kids, you can apply a filter. Also, one should filter these glasses online according to your preferred price range as well.

Next, you can apply a filter for whether you need glasses with rimless, semi, or full-rim frames. The shapes and styles can also be filtered as per requirement. In case if you are planning to buy a specific type of prescription like a single vision, progressive or bifocal, etc., you can apply filters accordingly.

Customize lenses

Once you have selected the best frame for your glasses, it is time to customize the thickness level and tint of the lenses. At the same time, you can ask for customization of frame size as well. Make sure the selected one will look perfect on your face shape.

Enter prescription details

As soon as you have made a selection for frames and tint, it is time to enter details about your prescription. Prefer to get a prescription from your optometrist and enter exact details while making a purchase online. One should also be careful while entering pupillary distance into the website. You can measure it at home with the help of your friends. When you know exact details about your prescription, it becomes easier to place an order online.

Quick checkout

Once you fill all the details into the system, you can proceed to checkout. The big brands offer easy services for placing an order online. There are several options to make payment online; you can pay by net banking, PayPal, etc. Prefer to check available options on your preferred platform.

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