Clear Glasses

A lot of people go for colored frames when they need to wear glasses. However, there are also people that prefer clear frames. Clear frames are great and help you make an impression with your eyewear. Although clear glasses have been around for a while, it only recently started increasing in popularity as people saw how great the new clear glasses designs made others look. At Hipoptical, we can find the best types of clear glasses that suit your needs. 

Other names for clear glasses include translucent glasses and colorless frames. Clear glasses look great on both women and men, as it helps complement whatever style you opt for. It doesn’t require any special style of fashion to wear, and they supplement virtually any appearance and all forms of face shapes. Clear glasses also give room for bold experimentations, as they don’t look as complicated as colored frames. 

Things to consider before choosing clear glasses 

The Lifestyle and Personality

Because you will be wearing your clear glasses almost daily, it is vital that it suits your personality and lifestyle. It should help express the kind of person you are. You have to make sure clear glasses are for you and are what you need every day. 

The Face shape

The shape of your face is a huge factor in determining the type of frame that suits you. People that have square-shaped faces should never go for rectangle shaped frames. They should rather try frame shapes that have soft edges that help to bring less attention to their strong jawline. 

The Color of Your Skin

The color of frames for your clear glasses should also be affected by your skin color. You want a frame that would add to your everyday style, so you have to put it in mind that your skin color is one costume you will never change. It should be a huge priority. 

Your Current Eye Condition

Before you choose clear glasses, you need to see your eye doctor for a complete eye examination that will help to detect the real reason you need the clear glasses. 

Eye defects and clear glasses are not just reserved for adults, as children can also have eye defects. You need to be vigilant and take note of children that need the glasses, so as not to over stress their eyes from early on.

These are some of the signs you need to watch out for in children.

They include

Sitting close to the TV every day or having to bury their faces in books before reading

Unrecognition of last reading line

Having to use a finger to trace reading lines


Having to tilt the head before seeing

Constant rubbing of the eye

Eyes are light sensitive 

Too much tears from the eyes 

Having to close an eye to see, watch TV or read

Constant headache and weary eyes complaints 

Tips for buying glasses online 

Hipoptical is an online platform where you can purchase clear glasses, and there are certain tis you have to know before placing an order for clear glasses online. Here are some tips for you to follow to find the perfect fit for yourself.

Quality Prescription and measurements are vital

Before you place an order for new clear glasses, make sure you know your glasses measurement, and if you are ordering a prescribed one, make sure you have quality prescriptions ready from your eye doctor. 

Before you place an order for your clear glasses online, it is essential that you have your glasses measurements ready, as this will aid you in finding the perfect pair for you. If you have one you are wearing or wore previously, you can take a look at the temple arm to find the exact measurement.

At Hipoptical, we also have a way of getting your perfect fit via our software, just by scanning the picture of your face.

Know your style

Buying clear glasses online means that you are spoilt with options, and if you don’t know what suits you, you might be swayed away. You have to take a careful look at the styles and make a choice depending on what fits your everyday style.

Once you get one that suits your everyday style, you can decide to add a little bit more funkiness to it, or you can stick with simplicity if that suits you better. 

You can also decide to have different options that cover all the styles you pull off. 

Lenses are important 

After choosing the best frame for your style, you must consider the kind of lens that suits your eye needs.

There are different kinds of lenses for different eye needs.

The choice of your lenses should be based on your prescriptions. You could also build custom made lenses that specifically addresses your needs. There are thin lenses, some are thicker, it all depends on what you need. On Hipoptical, our lenses have scratch-resistant coating and they are UV protected.

If you spend a lot of time staring at digital screens every day, you should go for digital protection lenses, the Bluereflect lenses, as they protect your eyes while you stare at the screens every day. For people that also stare at computers and phones for an extended period of time daily, it is also a great option.

How to clean pair of glasses 

After investing a lot of time into searching for the right pair of clear glasses. Looking for the best one that suits your style in all ways, and you finally place the order and pick it up when it is ready. Your next priority will be to make these glasses stay great for as long as you can make it. Which is why we have provided some tips on how to clean your glasses and maintain it so well.

Tips to make your clear glasses last as long as possible

Rinse it often

Each time you want to wipe or clean your glasses, always rinse them well before you do. It helps take off the minute particles of dust and dirt would have settled on the lens. If you wipe the dry lens without rinsing, it can be abrasive.

Be careful with the spray

You can use chemicals to clean your lens, but it has to be sprays or cleansers that are precisely made for cleaning eyeglass lenses. Avoid using household cleaners as most of them contain ammonia, which will in fact rip off any coating that is on your lens.

Air Dry your glasses

If possible, allow your glasses to air dry. It is a great method for keeping any materials from settling on to your lens. In case you can’t air dry your glasses, you can always wipe them with a soft, clean and lint-free cloth.

Always use the right cloth for cleaning 

Desist from using paper towels, tissue, or napkins to clean your lenses. All these materials have a coarse surface and will easily scratch your lenses.

Also, avoid using the tip of your shirt to clean your glasses, as is somewhat a common practice. Except the material of the shirt is 100% cotton, the fibers in the fabric will scratch the lens of your eyeglasses overtime. There can also be dirt on the clothing, which will leave residue on your lenses if used as a cleaning material.

Always grip firmly 

Whenever you hold your frames, make sure you grip the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. This will make sure you do not accidently bend the frame while cleaning it. If the glasses become bent, it can affect the way you see out of your glasses in a bad way. It will also make the glasses less comfortable. 

Ensure proper storage 

Make sure your glasses are properly stored when you're not putting them on. It keeps dirt and dust away from the glasses, and also protects your eyeglasses from getting scratches, being bent or broken.

There are comfortable and stylish cases that you can get. You can also make use of microfiber pouches on your office desk or your night stand for glasses you don't essentially wear always. Also, make sure you don't place your glasses lens directly on a surface. This will only give you scratched lenses.