Designer Glasses For MenWho says design often says innovation! Going against the traditional canons of fashion, the peculiarity of design consists of reinventing itself with each new era, according to the evolutions, cultures, and contributions of creators from around the world.

Men are some of the most powerful forces in the eyeglasses field, which have pushed the fashion trend-forward on and on. These designer glasses for men have really satisfied men's desire for fashion and elegance.

How Do You Think Designer Glasses Stand Out From Other Types Of Glasses?

Designer glasses for men are always ahead of the trends, whether in shapes, colors, or finishes while remaining easy to wear.

They were designed by real eyewear manufacturers who know the golden rules for a pair of glasses to be comfortable. These are beautiful objects, which, like works of art, offer a real visual and tactile experience.

Trendy Designer Glasses for You

Discover designer glasses for men of the moment. All fulfill their role of sun protection perfectly. Depending on your style, you will be seduced by different profiles. Rather sporty, you succumb to degraded lenses and double bridge frames. This 90s look is back and gives you a very relaxed look. Polarized and Blokz Sunglasses are part of your choice. Are you a sophisticated type? Their pure design and their sober lines appeal to you for their discretion. Very classic, you cover your eyes by playing with the colors. The transparent colored frames will delight you with their ultra-trendy lightness. Let yourself be tempted by a model from HipOptical.

Your Ideal Glasses at Hipoptical

With more than 3,000 references of men's sunglasses, you can find the ones that suit you at Mister Spex. Our sunglasses fall into several categories:

Polarized glasses

You would see the contrasts better. These glasses provide you with invaluable visual comfort

Mirrored glasses

They reflect the reverberation optimally and mask your eyes

Gradient lens glasses

They protect from the sun and give you a clearer view of the lower part of the glasses

Foldable glasses

 Ultra-practical, they fold and store easily in a minimum of space

To enhance the visual comfort provided by your lenses, be sure to choose your sunglasses frames. To do this, go directly to our "Glasses by face shape" section. The structure of your frame must indeed agree or contrast with your morphology. So, for a triangular face, you opt instead for frames with marked angles. The oval or round shape may also be suitable. Thick branches are, however, to be avoided. For a round face, the Wayfarer style frames refine your figure. Choose structured frames and subtle colors for optimal effect. Soft and round shapes are preferred for square or rectangular faces. Large glasses will make you happy if your face is longer. Is your facial morphology oval? No matter what your frame, almost all of them fit you!

Polarized Glasses

Many people don't understand the importance of wearing polarized glasses when they are enjoying the outdoors. Your favorite activity may be biking, climbing, surfing, volleyball, baseball, jet-skiing, snowboarding or fishing, the bottom line is that you need to understand the importance of polarized sunglasses and what they can offer you. The biggest thing that polarized sunglasses provide is the ability to cut through the glare created by the sun when it bounces off of reflective surfaces such as roads, snow, and water.

Understanding Polarized Glasses

Polarized glasses have a built-in laminated filter that permits only vertical light rays to go through, and almost totally block horizontal rays of light to eliminate glares. Usually, these are available in brown or gray colors, though manufacturers offer other colors too.

Who needs Polarized Lenses?

It is interesting to point out here that fishermen and boaters initially used polarized lenses. Because such lenses reduce glare, polarized glasses are beneficial to people who undertake long driving trips and also for sportsmen.



How to Pick Designer Glasses for Men?

Designer glasses For Men are in various styles, and for various purposes, every buyer would find a pair to suit his needs, whether buying for fashion or their practicality. Outlined below are the various styles, lenses and frames of designer glasses for men that you should know about before shopping for a pair.

The Style

New styles are frequently introduced in the market. Aviator, polarized, sports, and driving sunglasses are some of the common styles available.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are available in various designs. They became popular with everyone, even non-pilots, because they helped achieve a certain fashion look. They are still popular to-date.

Sport Glasses

They come in various designs, but they are all practical when it comes to wearing them during intense physical activity. You can find various sports glasses meant for different water sports such as rafting, kayaking, water polo, and so on. There are also others meant for parachuting, rock-climbing, and other intense sporting actions that require eye protection.

Driving glasses

These ones are for eye-protection during long hours of driving on the road. They mainly protect the driver from the glare and reflection of light, which is harmful to the eye. For adequate protection, driving glasses are typically made from high-contrast lenses that increase the sharpness of an image and minimize the harmful glare.

Glasses Shapes


Oval Sunglasses

Oval sunglasses for men and women are available in various frame shapes that look good on people with any face shapes - may it be round or rectangular or triangular or diamond-shaped. Oval sunglasses are the perfect frame shape if one is looking to flaunt a classy and elegant style.

Rectangular Sunglasses

A rectangular sunglass covers the eye completely and provides protection to the corners of the eyes as well and safeguards the eyes from glare and reflection during a bright sunny day. The bold and edgy design of the rectangle sunglasses makes it more appealing and glamorous compared to other sunglasses frame shapes.

Round glasses 

Round glasses are great if you're going for a quirky and out of the box look. Round sunglasses are a versatile frame shape; they come in various sizes and frame materials. online retailers order their glasses directly from the manufacturers to ensure that they give their customers original products. There is a wide range of designer glasses from HipOptical to choose from. It's all about choosing what you want carefully at a price you can afford. Pick your favorite stylish designer glasses that suit your face shape.