Eyeglass Frames For Men 

Beyond the Perfect Fit and Frame Styles - Get the Trendy Eyeglass Frames for Men at Affordable Prices from Hip Optical!

You just realized the pair of glasses you use has started looking dull on you. Now, whenever you look at the mirror, your familiar face annoys you. You need a big makeover, but you can right now go for an affordable solution. Thus, look for fashionable glasses online to bring in a fresh change to your look. 

Also, you can be doing this great chance when you feel you are facing difficulties in looking at things that are far away. Many glasses may be ideal for looking at short distances too. Whatever is the distance, an eyeglass is more than just a fashion accessory. You will need to go for an eye exam and then pick the glasses you seek. At Hip Optical, you will not fall short of styles to pick for your glasses or the frames. 

What Our Men Eyeglasses Focus On?

We, at Hip Optical, want you to know that while helping you pick a fantastic set of men’s glasses, you can expect:

High-quality frames

Prescription glasses to suit to the accurate number

Variety of lenses to suit all power and eye issues

Trending designs of frames that are also durable

All eyeglasses, including prescription glasses are available at just $87

Responsive after-sales customer service

Glasses are shipped in a week!

From Hip Optical, you can expect all of these and much more. Browse through our vast collection of classic, modern, and stylish men’s eyeglasses. These are of the varied price range, and we do our best to instill in these best features to make the glasses more functional and meet the desired results. 

Whether you need fancy designs or patterns to give a quirky look or whether you want to provide you with a nerdy look- we have it all. Frames can offer you the new look to complement your face and give you the style you desired. 

How to Order a Pair of Men Glasses Online?

At Hip Optical, we take pride in having a more straightforward approach to ordering glasses online. We know you are busy; therefore, we made the selection and checkout process very much hassle-free. Please follow these steps, and you get your prescription glasses or eyeglasses of your choice. 

  1. Browse through our collection and pick one for yourself
  2. Select the frame color from the options available 
  3. Select the lens you want 
  4. Refer the size guide chart to get a clear idea of how to pick your perfect size of frames
  5. Add to the cart and proceed to purchase

Buying a pair of glasses is just so effortless, and so there is no reason for you to continue with the same mundane eyewear. 

Match our Eyeglass Frames for Men with Your Face Shape

You may want to get a new look and an entirely novel perspective of the way the world sees you. However, you may be struggling to know the right way or the style that would be “The Best One” for you. Hence, we have come up with the best guide to get the perfect pair of eyeglass frames for men. 

Tip 1: Does your face have an angular or pointed chin? Go for the cat-eye frame to soften the face pointedness and make your face look eclectic. 

Tip 2: Get a second pair of plastic or other durable lenses and frames if you tend to play or go on adventures and trips to reduce any chances of mishap. 

Tip 3: If your skin tone is warm, go for lighter shades of frames like brown, green, gold, and others. 

Tip 4: Choose frames in purple, black, blue, grey, and silver if you have a cool complexion. 

Tip 5: If your jawline is square and you have a broad forehead, ensure that you get round or oval frames. 

Tip 6: Look for designs or patterns on contrasting colors in case you have an oblong face shape. Try for frames that are not rectangular. 

Tip 7: Those with a diamond-shaped face need to look for rimless or frames that highlight the brow lines. These also should be able to highlight the cheekbones and the eyes of the people with this face shape. 

Tip 8: Those with a triangular shape face, of a narrow forehead and a broad cheek or chin area can go for frames that increase the focus on the brow area. The cat-eye frames would be suitable in this regard. 

Tip 9: Many people ignore the fact that your eye color also makes a big difference in the choice of eyeglasses. So, if your natural eye colors are in the warm tones, of brown or black, note that and go for dark frames. Those with lighter cooler eyes of blue and grey, light frames would be great. Nevertheless, also ensure you are complementing the frames with the skin color. 

Tip 10: Not many realize that hair color also has a significant influence on the type of frames you should choose. 

These essential tips will help you to get the most appropriate frames for your eyeglasses. Besides, while selecting glasses online, get the best frames that cover up more than half of the face. Hip Optical offers pilot or aviator glasses, oval, pillow-shaped, rectangular, round, and square-shaped frames. 

Lens Types for All Purposes

While getting the glasses, ensure that you go for the eye tests and consult an optometrist. He or she would give you accurate vision-related details and even recommend your solutions. You may have problems walking or working in the sun and might want to get a power glass as well. Modern technology offers UV protection on glasses. Here are more features of lenses you can get from us. 

Here we discuss the types of lens you might come across and the features you can get to get a clear vision in the sun or rain. 

Bifocal Lenses/Trifocal

When you are spending a lot of time adjusting the distance of the reading materials, it is time you consult the optometrist. You will need to get the exact issue, and then if you are getting a Bifocal lens, look for the thin line that runs across the lens. These and the trifocal lenses are the most common among people in their 40s and plus. 

Progressive Lenses 

Also famous as multifocal lenses, you will need these practically for reading a book or a computer. These could help you when you have power and need lenses to see. 

Besides these, let us check out the other features to note and include while you get quality prescription glasses. 

UV Protection/Photochromic

When you step out a lot, you need to have something for your eyes to remain cool irrespective of the sunrays. Therefore, we offer UV coated single-vision lenses for you to get cool eyes. 

Impact and Scratch Resistant

The glasses are resistant to impact and drops. It is ideal for bikers and mechanics or even for those who live life on the edge. 


These are necessary if you have to work outdoors in the evenings. The anti-reflective glasses will make the lights and the source of lights prominent and not just blur. 

Blue-Light reduction

Key to those who love reading, these are great if you spend hours on computers or play games for long. 

Styling & Profiling in the Perfect Pair of Men's Prescription Glasses

At Hip Optical, we take all the steps to make men’s glasses fit perfectly to your face cut. From giving you strong arms and bridge support, with spring corners, the prescription glasses are just comfort-wear for the eyes. Shopping for these is also easy, and we have free shipping in the US and have parts made in the US only. Our most significant focus is to make everyone find a pair of men eyewear to suit their face shape and style statement. What are you waiting for? Have a Happy Shopping for a smart new pair of glasses at Hip Optical!