Glasses For Men

Glasses are now seen as trendy. It has moved on from being seen as an object of eye sight correctness alone, eyeglasses are now seen as a fashion gear that will add an instant smart vibe to your appearance. This probably has made a lot of people, especially manufacturers, concentrate more on the fashion side than the actual prescribed ones. For us at hipoptical, it is about finding the balance of both worlds.

From a consumer point of view, finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses is not as easy as it seems. As fashionable as you might want it to be, you also need the best option for your eyes. Striking the balance can sometimes be a herculean task. The face shape is one of the biggest factors that also influences choice. You get the perfect one you like, and it might still not fit into your face shape. 

Because we know the level of stress involved, we have decided to help you ease your stress pointing out some of the best choices. Do not worry, we’ve squinted through the best pairs of men glasses on hip optical to find the best options for you. Before that though, we will like to address some vital questions you might have at the back of your mind.

At Hipoptical, you can get the best prescription glasses for men via our online platform.

What are prescription glasses?

There are different types of glasses. One of the most important ones is the prescription glasses. It helps to get clear vision for people who have a blurry vision, it also comes with the UV protection that helps to keep harmful sun ray away from the eyes. It is a complete package, compared to other forms of eye protection glasses and lens. For example, the sunglasses will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but it will not help you get a clear vision like the prescription glasses. Also, using contact lens doesn’t protect you enough from UV rays. You need to wear sunglasses when you use a contact lens and you are going outdoors. Prescription glasses offer you the best of both worlds. The prescription glasses on offer at Hipoptical are equipped with these features. 

Why is UV protection so important?

You don’t have to know everything about uv rays to know it isn’t good for you. If you don’t protect your eyes, UVA rays can penetrate your eyes down to your retina, while UVB rays that do not penetrate as deeply can still cause cataracts, macular degeneration and a condition called pterygia, which is the presence of visible growths on the surface of the eye. UVB rays can also cause you to be “snow blind,” technically it is known as photokeratitis.

Most men only like to put on sunglasses on sunny days just because it is more comfortable and they can see more clearly with them on, but it’s vital to comprehend that eye protection from the sun’s rays is essential for much more imperative reasons than simple relaxation. The sun is present in the sky even on cloudy days, so your eyes should have UV protection no matter what the weather.

A UV coating on your clear lenses effectively blocks ultraviolet light. While regular plastic eyeglass lenses block most UV light, adding this invisible UV-blocking dye to your lenses ensures that you are 100% protected.

This is why we need to protect our eyes the same way we use sunscreen to protect our skin. UV protection for our eyes is absolutely essential to maintain your vision. While sunglasses seem like the obvious choice and indeed play an important role, a more effective step is to opt to protect yourself when wearing your normal glasses by ensuring that you ask for a UV protective coating on your clear lenses too.

Often, people mistake UV glasses for sunglasses. Though they share some similarities, there are many differences in their benefits and usability.

Uv Lenses

Work well on sunny and cloudy days

UV coated lenses block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays

Most UV lenses have a UV-blocking film embedded in the lens, which prevents it from wearing off

One pair of glasses for outdoor and indoor, so no need to carry two pairs


Impractical to wear when it isn’t sunny

Carrying around an indoor pair of glasses as well as your sunglasses is tiresome

Because the lenses are dark tinted, it doesn’t mean it blocks out all the rays. It is important to ensure that sunglasses block out at least 99% of the harmful UV rays

The UV coating on inexpensive sunglasses can wear off after time

 What to consider when purchasing prescription glasses?

Lens prescriptions vary depending on each patient's vision needs, lifestyle and eye health. For example, conditions like dry eyes and cataracts may well be the reasons behind your vision issues.

Frames and lenses are also tailored to improve vision outcomes according to a variety of eye measurements specific to you. Your optometrist will take measurements (such as of the optical centres), discuss with you the distance or reading area needed and look at the tilt of the frame in relation to your face.

Not all frames conform to all scripts. "It's especially important if you're buying multi-focal lenses to tell your optometrist and optical dispenser so they can tailor the lenses and frame more precisely for your needs

What type of glass frame would suit your face shape?

There is a set of popular rules you might have been asked to follow when choosing the best frames for your face shape. People with heart shaped faces should always look for frames to widen the chin and reduce the space at the top of your face, while oblong shaped faced people should be about adding width. The diamond shaped face, which is quite rare, should go for frames that will boost their angular features, angular frames should be perfect. 

What are the glass frames made of?

At Hipoptical, our glass frames are made from high quality premium acetate and stainless steel. Stainless steel and acetate ate two frame materials that are all about comfort and durability. Stainless steel is lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. Likewise, acetate is lightweight and quite soft, which makes it quite comfortable to wear around without it feeling unease. 

How much would I pay for these pairs of glasses?

Considering the quality of the glasses manufactured at Hipoptical, the price is the best you can find anywhere. All eyeglasses are $87, including prescription lenses. 

Can I order the prescription glasses online? 

Yes, you can and the process is quite easy and fast. You only have to take a photo of your prescription and upload it alongside your order, or the team at Hipoptical will contact your eye doctor to get it if you do not have a copy of the prescription. 

How long does it take for you to get my prescription glasses?

The process of manufacturing and shipping doesn’t take time, as Hipoptical prides itself on efficiency and speed. The entire process will take place in less than one week. The customer service you will get is of the highest quality, in case you need to get extra info.  

How is Pupillary Distance measured?

We have a facial recognition software that helps us to measure the distance between your eyes, using your photo. It is extremely accurate and the process is carried out after you checkout your order. 


Any other amazing thing I need to know?

Yes. There are amazing offers you will get when you place an order. One of them is the money back guarantee. If you try a pair of glasses for 30 days and you don’t like them, you can send them back to get a 100% refund. However, we are extremely sure you would like them. 


What more? For every pair of glasses you purchase, you get to help someone in need. We donate a pair to someone in need, for every purchase you make. Isn’t that great?