Glasses Frames

Choosing the best glasses as per your needs need to be a fun experience. However, the current market features countless glass frames, which make the whole process to be challenging. So, which are the best glass frames? Worry no more! Keep reading, and you will get the right answer. 

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Types of Glass Frames

Full-Rimmed Frames

Full-rimmed frames are the choice to consider if you're after a bold style. These are the most preferred because they enclose the lenses with the fabric, hence giving sturdy and stylish glasses. You can get these glasses in all frame materials such as titanium, acetate, metal, and plastic. They are the perfect option if you're after glasses that make a statement and feature endless sizes, colors, or styles.  Do you want to purchase beautifully built full-rimmed frames? Why not check out our good range of eyewear at HiP OPTICAL? We have with us the best collection and the very affordable rates.

Rimless Frames

Go for rimless glass frames if you're after a minimal look or feel. They are the most preferred because they are both lightweight and modern. Other than this, rimless glasses are the perfect option because they provide a variety of styles, meaning you will always get the one that fits your needs. The critical elements of these glasses include hinges, the nose, temple arms, and the bridge. Thus, all these features allow these glasses to maintain a low profile on the face without issues of the extravagant design elements associated with the full-rim glasses. Other than this, these glasses are available in a variety of metals, which also includes titanium. Therefore, this shows that you will always get the one that suits all your needs. 

Semi-Rimless Frames

Semi-Rimless Frames are the glass frames to go for if your desire is to utilize the benefits from both worlds. These are hybrid glass frames that most individuals prefer because they expose you to both the durability of full-rim and minimalism of the rimless glass frames. Also, these glass frames are the perfect option because they are more lightweight compared to the full-rimmed styles. Another excellent feature of these glass frames is that they are bolder compared to the rimless eyeglasses. Finally, these are the styles to go for because they are classic and guarantee plenty of personalities. 

Low-Bridge Frames

Let sliding glasses be history to you. Low-bridge frames are the perfect option for you if you have lower nose bridges. With these glass frames, you can experience cases where your glass frame will get misaligned unexpectedly. These frames are the perfect solution to this issue and are the most-rated when it comes to fashion and function. 

Glass Frames For Any Occasion

You need to note that each rim type works excellently for different personal styles and occasions. Yes, rimless frames offer a perfect, clean, and minimalist look for the office, but full-rimmed frames remain the top-rated when it comes to making a statement. For the case of semi-rimless glass frames, they fall anywhere between the two. Also, there are thousands of options in the market, meaning you will get the right direction to follow that suits your needs. Hesitate no more! Take a step and purchase a top-notch glass frame that suits your needs. 

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Note These When Choosing The Best Glasses Frames

Choosing the best glasses frames that suit your lifestyle and personality needs is the right step you can ever take. In this era, the market is full of glasses frames to choose from. Yes, you may get advised by the eye doctor on the right glasses frames to go for, but they don't know the glass frames you need. Therefore, some crucial things can guide you in choosing the most appropriate glasses frames. These include: 


First, confirm the number of times you wear glasses before selecting the best glasses frames. Doing this is crucial since it has an impact on your new glasses frames. For example, you may wish to spend less if you wear glasses on a few occasions. Also, you may consider going for heavier glasses frames. You're likely to consume high to get more durable glasses frames if you wear glasses from time to time. Also, you may decide to go for glasses frames that are lighter and more practical. 

Daily Lifestyle

Your lifestyle has a significant impact on the glasses frames you need to buy. Keep in mind that what you do from one day to another may demand you to consider some features when buying glasses frames. Some specific factors to consider in this case include machinery, activity, and proximity to water. 

If you do manual labor and you always wear glasses, then you need to choose lenses that can fit this environment. Consider going for scratch/break-resistant glasses frames. Through this, you will reduce the number of times you will be repairing the glass frames. Other than this, it is crucial to go for glasses frames that come with a warranty. 

Look Of The Frames

The look of your glasses frames is another excellent feature to consider. However, it is not something new for others to focus mostly on price and practicality and make style the last option to consider. Other individuals will have plans for using the glasses on occasions that demand stylish and sleeker frames. You will pay less for the minimalist frames, but more for the more fashionable glasses frames. 

Face Shape

Also, face shape will have a significant impact on the glasses frames you will choose. Your natural features will determine the glass frames you will buy.  You can quickly get an in-depth understanding of your face shape by taking a picture or looking in the mirror and then compare it to a glasses frames diagram. 

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are not new if you have been using glasses frames. However, you can always visit a dermatologist and get more updates if you are unsure about this. Other than this, you need to note that some materials can break your natural skin compared to others. The most preferred materials to go for in this case are plastic or synthetic. These are the best because they record little to zero instances of breaking out the skin.  

Skin Tone

There are two most popular groups of skin tone, and they include Cool skin tone and warm skin tone. You can test this by holding up a white paper and placing it close to your face. Your skin is said to have a warm skin tone if it seems bronze, brownish, or yellowish. On the other hand, it is identified as Cool skin tone if it appears bluish or pinkish. 

Bright colors, black colors, and white colors are the most appropriate ones for a more relaxed skin tone. For a warmer skin tone, the most appropriate ones are brown colors, tortoise colors, and dark green colors. 

Hair Color

For hair color, they occur in two primary categories, and they include cool hair colors and warmer hair colors. In the case of cool hair colors, they include white colors, strawberry-blonde colors, and blue-black colors. Also, in the case of warmer hair colors, they include golden blonder-colors, gray tones, and brownish-black colors. 

Features, Material, Weight, and Sizes

Also, it is crucial to check the specifications of the glasses frames. Other looking at the sizes and material, consider also checking weight and features. Sometimes you can do this by comparing with the glasses you have in your home if you're shopping online. You can weigh the old glasses with the help of a mini scale and use the figure you get to determine if the other one can suit your needs. 

Single Vision Glasses

Single Vision lenses feature one focal length so that they can provide the right solution to the Single Vision Condition. They are everyone's number one option when it comes to correcting astigmatisms, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. Other than this, single vision lenses feature only a Single amount of Vision correction in the entire lens. Also, Single Vision Glasses come in various colorful styles, meaning you will always get the best perfect option as per your needs. 

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