Prescription glasses reimagined.

$95 including prescription lenses. That's it.

Start dreaming.

Imagine ordering prescription glasses online for only $95...flat, by simply taking a photo of your prescription, while simultaneously donating a second pair of glasses to someone in need, and never leaving your couch. Yup, we exist.

Don't be stuck with overpriced glasses.

Did you know 80% of the optical industry is controlled by one company. Hence the crazy $300+ prices. We got you covered our glasses are $95 and YES, that includes prescription lenses. #stopthemonopoly

How is HIP possible?

Simple, we worked our butts off. We opened an robotic lens laboratory in Florida, designed breathtaking stylish glasses from premium acetate materials, partnered with a loving charity to give back and invested our blood, sweat and tears into making the best glasses imaginable.