Get Glasses OnlineWhen you are wanting to get glasses online, the choices readily available can be overwhelming to decide upon. Moreover, you want to ensure that when you get your pair of glasses that they will indeed not only work for your prescription strength, but that they will flatter your face's features too. Now, while you could order glasses online from many other online locations such as Warby Parker, we are confident that once you buy glasses with us, you won't want to order them from anywhere else. Moreover, we ensure that you will be 100 percent satisfied, or you can easily get your low cost payment back with us without any hassles guaranteed. That said, we encourage you to read on as we go deeper into the many questions we often get, and hopefully when you are finished it will put your mind at ease when you are ready to order glasses online, so let's get to it. 

Oftentimes, when people want to get their eye glasses they will only think that they must go into their doctors office and fulfill their prescription glasses in that fashion. However, there are plenty of online options such as our website to now be able to get your prescription glasses online, and with a wider variety of choices to select from, no longer are you stuck with frames only in the doctor's office to choose from. That said, we often  get questions of concerns, on specific issues, so we wanted to take the time to answer them more thoroughly for you here today, and one such question we will start with is this one below.

How Will You Be Able To Measure My Pupillary Distance PD accurately?

When it comes to measuring your pupillary distance PD, there are 2 ways that this can be accomplished to ensure that your pair of prescription glasses are the right type for you. The first way to do this is, that once your order has been placed, and after the checkout process has been completed, you then will proceed to use our simple facial recognition software tool. With this tool we measure with extreme accuracy the distance between your eyes from a simple photograph that you supply to us. With that said, you can also provide these details to us if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Oftentimes, when a patient goes to the traditional eye doctor, during the exam the pupillary distance PD should be written on your prescription when the exam has been completed. Keep in mind that there will be times that you will need to get the actual reading for your own PD during certain exams. For instance, if your eye doctor has determined that you need to have bifocal and or progressive lenses, then those will have two different types of pupillary distance PD values with them. For that reason, you would need to contact your eye doctor, to get those values before you place your online order for your prescription glasses online with us.

How Can I Ensure That I get the Perfect Pair Of Prescription Frames Suitable For Me?

This is another popular question we get so wanted to address this one now. When you are looking through our stylish frames, each of them come with a set of measurement numbers printed on the ear piece. Now, when you look at your own existing eye frame, take note of the number on the one you are currently wearing. From that point, all you need to do is compare your number with the one you see on the screen and match them up that way. Rest assured, that our high quality prescription frames do come in plenty of choice options, and that you might even find it difficult to select just one pair, but even so, rest assured that they all come with a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

How Can I Better Pick Out My Eyeglass Frame Best Suited For My Own Face Shape?

When it comes to picking out your frames, a few extra pointers we would suggest to start with when selecting your eyeglass frame would be to start off with paying close attention to your own face shape. Keep in mind that there are several ways to determine if your face shape is that of a heart shape, round shape, square shape, oval shape, or diamond shape, most people will fall into one of these groups. Therefore, to determine your own face shape you can do this easily by standing in front of your mirror, and paying a very close eye on your overall face features. Once you have determined which face shape you have, it then will be easier to pick out the perfect pair to complement your own face shape to enhance your face features easily.

Having said that, here are a few examples to help get you started when selecting your eye frames for each type of face shape we mentioned.

- For Oval Face shape faced people, your type would be best suited selecting frames that are oversized and or have wide frames. In addition, this type of face shape can select from many frame shapes with either a bold color pattern to them, or texture to the frames overall shape pattern. However, it is not ideal if you have this face shape to select from narrow frames as it could enhance your oval faces length, which could do just the opposite of enhancing your oval shape faces features.

- For square shaped faced people, your type would be best suited selecting eyeglass frames that sit high on your nose, which would add length that would flatter your faces features. In addition, selecting darker and more rounded frames rather than those that are more of an angular frame shape would be ideal for you. Moreover, round eyeglass frames, and even selecting rimless frames are great choices to start off with for your face shape.

- For round shape faced people, your type would be best suited selecting an angular frame that is equal in both the width and length of your face shape. Moreover, wide frames work well here too for your choice selections. However, avoid selecting round and small frames as this could instead make your overall faces features to get lost. 

- For heart shaped faced people, your type would be best suited selecting an oval shaped frame that is both thin and perhaps lightly colored. However, you should not select oversized frames, or ones that are bottom heavy either. In addition, you might want to select frames that are just slightly wider than what your forehead area is. Another good choice for your face shape would be to try a rimless eyeglass frame style to enhance your face features.

- For diamond shape faced people, your type would be best suited selecting rimless frames, cat eye frames and even oval type of eyeglass frames would work for your face shape. However, try to keep your selections a bit more on the delicate side as to stop accentuating any features you do not want to enhance. 

 How Can I Ensure That My Prescription Strength Is Correct? 

This is very easy to ensure that each time you buy glasses from us that the prescription strength will match your doctor's prescription that he or she wrote out for you. That said, we fully understand that when it comes to getting prescription glasses online, it can be hard to get the right strength depending on who you order from. However, when you order with us we take several steps to make certain all our customers get the right prescription for them each time. Once you upload the prescription from your doctor, our trained team of optometrists will get started on creating the uv protection lens based on those details you provide. Keep in mind, that even if you do not have your eye doctor's prescription order, we are more than happy to call your doctor for you at no extra cost involved.

Can You Fill Single Vision Prescription Orders? 

Another question we seem to get a lot of the time from our customers, and one we are ready to answer and that is; can you also fill single vision prescription orders? The short answer is YES!! We fill both types of vision prescription orders single and progressive, if the word "ADD" is on your vision prescription order, our trained professional team at our online website store front can readily fill it for you. However, if you are unsure if we can service your needs, you can always reach out to us before you place your order either via email or we are just a phone call away.

When you are ready to get glasses online, we hope that you will give our services a try. Moreover, we make it easy, and affordable to get prescription frames that are made in the USA and are of high quality materials at our USA based manufacturing location. Finally, if you have always wanted to have a better selection of stylish eyeglass frames, and the added convenience to be able to get glasses online, your search is finally over!! You can easily buy your stylish frames by shopping with us today, and can join confidently with the many other of thousands of satisfied customers we have had the pleasure to service.