Discover our most iconic frames to date.

Discover our most iconic frames to date.


The Ash frame is a confident blend of classic and contemporary, designed especially for trendsetters like you. With its distinctive geometric lines, you'll effortlessly catch eyes, while the round silhouette conveys a welcoming, intelligent charm.


It presents a combination of sharp angles and a thick rectangular silhouette that leaves out superfluous details, maintaining a strict focus on its no- nonsense minimalism.


Yuki is a frame that turns casual glances into captivated stares. With its oversized butterfly design and just a hint of cat-eye seduction, it envelops your eyes in an aura of mystique and femininity.


With Elex, it's not just about seeing the world, but about how the world sees you. These frames are your accomplice in every adventure, turning heads with their distinctive round silhouette and keyhole bridge.


Perfect for the woman who moves with grace and intention, the Nick frame turns minimalism into your personal style statement. Its narrow rectangular contours speak softly of modern chic, all the while paying homage to the undying spirit of minimal elegance.


Rediscover intellectual elegance with the Noa frame—a round, full-rim frame designed to elevate your everyday look.