Discover our most iconic frames to date.

Discover our most iconic frames to date.


Isla is the companion for your boldest days and your quietest moments. This half-rimmed gem dances on the edge of the unseen, with a polished metal upper part that adds a modern, sleek edge on top of the minimalistic lower section.


The Sol frame is your silent partner in every venture, making every glance a moment of quiet confidence. With its razor-thin metal, high bridge, and classic round lenses, this pair cuts through the noise, embodying a bold simplicity that commands respect.


The Yael is where the bold lines of a classic rectangle meet the unexpected twist of a gentle curve, designed for the man who stands firm in his convictions.


With its narrow, rectangular lines that epitomize geometric precision, Heidi promises not just vision—but a vision of style. The straight bridge and delicately engineered hinge mechanism, kissed with a hint of metallic, lend industrial chic with sleek functionality.


The Andi frame shows you're not just any thinker, you're a dreamer with your feet on the ground. The thick, defining upper half sets you apart, framing your gaze with the weight of your ideas, while the airy absence beneath lets your vision soar unbounded.


Loki is a classic aviator with a rebellious edge, tailored for the bold and the brave. Its oversized teardrop lenses and streamlined metal frame instantly channel the spirit of fearless pioneers and daring adventurers.