Discover our most iconic frames to date.

Discover our most iconic frames to date.


Meet Milong: bold, no-nonsense eyewear for the man who's ready to leave his mark. With its sturdy, full- rim square shape and smoothly curved edges, Milong is a modern nod to the classic wayfarer, ready to tackle boardroom battles and weekend escapades with equal flair.


The Jiva frame is your front-row ticket to life's adventures, blending flawlessly with every chapter of your journey. With its crisp square lines and easy-fit saddle bridge, this frame is your everyday nod to the iconic.


Unlock the Niral effect, where modernity echoes tradition. With its narrow profile, combined with rectangular lenses featuring softened corners, these frames stand the test of time.


With the Ziggy frames, every look is a quiet roar of sophistication. Designed with a traditional full- rimmed square design, this accessory carries a bold simplicity that’s both striking and unmistakably masculine.


Its classic round silhouette and slender frame speak volumes about your refined taste and unwavering air of confidence, creating a statement that's whisper-quiet, yet thunderous in its impact.