Discover our most iconic frames to date.

Discover our most iconic frames to date.


This combination creates a look that’s steeped in nostalgia with a pinch of personality, a piece that doesn't shout for attention yet commands it.


For the woman who doesn't just walk into a room but subtly owns it, Thea is your silent anthem.


With its medium-thick, rectangular silhouette softened at the corners, Kyra appeals to those who appreciate the combination of elegance and edge.


Square-shaped and trendsetting, it boasts a bold, oversized design that merges audacity with elegance.


Its classic round silhouette and slender frame speak volumes about your refined taste and unwavering air of confidence, creating a statement that's whisper-quiet, yet thunderous in its impact.


Minimalist lines meet maximalist confidence with the Zoey frame. With clean lines and softened edges, these frames boast a standout high bridge that artfully links the two rectangular lenses.