The days are gone when you have to depend on your eye doctor for a pair of prescription lenses and eyeglasses. Looking for glasses and pairs of frames online has gotten much increasingly well-known as of late, and for a couple of valid justifications. There's a normally excellent possibility you will get a good deal on buying glasses online contrasted with comparable picks from the eye doctor's office — and we wager they will be progressively stylish, as well! To make things stunningly better, all you need is a present prescription, and afterward, you don't need to leave the solace of your home for another pair of frames. 

When in search of the best pair of online glasses, there are a couple of essential things to remember. Aside from having a prescription, you will likewise need to know your pupillary distance, a.k.a. The space between your eyes. There are a few systems for estimating this online; however, your eye doctor will have the option to get an increasingly exact number. Also, remember that not every prescription glass can be filled online — If you have a more grounded prescription or require progressive lenses, for example, you may need to visit a store face to face. Remember to verify whether your vision insurance will cover anything — you can even make payment using an HSA or FSA card on some of these sites. 

In case you aren't sure what styles and shapes you like, search for a site that offers at-home take a stab at (like Hip Optical, for example). Individuals who, as of now, have a thought of what sort of glasses they like can take a gander at the measurements of their present pair of frames (often imprinted within an arm) to locate a matching fitting pair. Furthermore, above all, make sure to check how they are delivered and what their return policy is, just on the off chance that you aren't cherishing your new pair of frames when you get them via the post office. 

Before You Order

To buy prescription glasses online, you will need some data in advance. Initial: a prescription. American Optometric Association mentions that adults must get an eye exam after one to two years. You can make an appointment with an eye doctor. Simply make a point to check your vision insurance inclusion before you go. 

You additionally need to know your PD or pupillary distance—truly, the distance between your understudies. This is significant when making the progressive lenses, to guarantee that the optical focuses of your glasses line up with your eyes. In some cases, the pupillary distance will be on your prescription. 

Know the Eyeglasses Rule 

Under the Eyeglasses Rule, an eye doctor must do the accompanying for their patients: 

  • The eye doctor should give you a prescription for glasses toward the end of your exam. 
  • You can't be required to pay an additional expense, buy eyeglasses or contacts, or sign a waiver in return for the prescription. 
  • The eye doctor should give you the prescription consequently. You shouldn't need to request a duplicate of it. 
  • As for the contact lenses, FTC says that your eye doctor must give you a prescription after the fitting, which might require more than one appointment. 

Buy prescription glasses online From Hip Optical

Hip Optical has a custom checkout process that permits you to send a photograph of your prescription to us. You additionally have the choice to have them call your eye doctor for you. 

Every single prescription lens is fabricated in the USA lens lab and sent in under seven days. 

You can buy prescription glasses online and try any glasses-free for 30 days. In the event that you don't like them, send them back for a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Why, Hip Optical? 

Hip Optical is a well-known eye wear that offers a wide range of prescription lenses and glasses for men and women. You can browse their collection of glasses and get them delivered at your doorstep. 

Why should you be ordering glasses online from Hip Optical? Here are the reasons. Have a look!

  • Prescription lenses are made in the USA! 
  • The glasses frames are produced using high-quality premium stainless steel and acetate. 
  • Your custom prescription glasses are made and transported in under seven days. 
  • Every pair that you bought, a pair is given to somebody who needs it. 

Best pair of frames from Hip Optical

You can get the best pair of frames from Hip Optical’s online store as they are best among the online retailers, and you get the best glasses that have UV protection coating on them. Let’s have a look at some of the best pair of frames for men and women that Hip Optical has to offer you in their store.

Great Women pair of frames at Hip optical

Allen Eyeglasses

The unique shape on the Allen obscures the line between a classic and unique frame; however will make two things understood: your vision and the way that you have style. 

Phelps Eyeglasses 

The Phelps' is a classic squared frame with a different bend. A touch of caramel that is. These are ideal for any individual who wears their character with satisfaction and doesn't avoid a compliment or two. 

Reed Eyeglasses 

The unique shape on the Reed obscures the line between a classic and unique frame; however will make two things understood: your vision and the way that you have style. 

Arrington Eyeglasses 

As a smooth interpretation of the wayfarer with a mind-blowing slanting forehead, the Arrington is one great frame. Do you take your Arrington's creamy or dark? 

Great men pair of frames at Hip optical

Abner Eyeglasses

Abner's rectangular frames and unique temples will hone your soft features and your style. 

Collins Eyeglasses 

If you have a square face, these frames exemplify the square shape better than some other. At the point when the Collins works for you, they are a champion frame that you'll completely cherish. 

Gellar Eyeglasses 

With an astounding shape, keyhole connect and exceptional butterscotch design, the Gellar is outstanding. 

Lugo Eyeglasses 

The Lugo is a classic pair of frames with a different turn. These are ideal for any individual who wears their character with satisfaction and doesn't avoid a compliment or two.