Women Prescription Sunglasses

Imagine you are driving on the road, and the sun is shining right into your eyes; you may start searching for your magnetically attached or slip-on type sun lenses. Unfortunately, such distractions cause serious road accidents.

That is why experts recommend wearing prescription sunglasses that you will find much more convenient to use and are worth your investment. 

Studies reveal that wearing prescription sunglasses is a more practical solution as compared to the traditional options in the market. For instance, if you prefer to wear contact lenses, they may cause itching to your eyes when affected with sand, water, or sun at the beach areas. Wearing contact lenses while swimming can also cause serious eye infections. The non-prescription sunglasses that most of the people wear are also least capable of providing real protection from harmful sun rays. However, one can wear prescription sunglasses for all outdoor activities to ensure full protection for their eyes. 

Why should you consider buying women prescription sunglasses?

Those who are suffering from some vision-related problems may need corrective eyewear. And in this case, you can think of buying prescription sunglasses that are recommended for the correction of existing vision issues. One can buy prescription sunglasses for almost all types of lens prescriptions including progressive and bifocal as well. These sunglasses can help you read magazines and books with ease. 

For many people, sunglasses are the best way to look classy and celebrate the peak summer season. But the great news is that the right kind of sunglasses can also protect you from harmful UV rays so that you can feel comfortable when it gets too bright outside. The prescription sunglasses not just protect your eyes; rather, at the same time, they help you see like normal eyeglasses. These sunglasses are also useful for people that are losing sight due to diabetes-related complications. In short, they offer an all-in-one solution for your eyes. 

You can use prescription sunglasses to handle a variety of eye problems. Some of the most common solutions are:

Single vision

These are the widely prescribed lenses with only one power grade. They can help you better to deal with near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism as well. 


These lenses are also named as multifocal lenses and can help you look around with various perspectives; there is no need to have more than one pair of glasses. One may need some time to adapt to these glasses; however, modern technologies have made this task much easier for the users.


These types of women sunglasses have a thin line in the middle of the lens to denote the prescription type; however, the modern lenses may not even have this line. With these glasses, users are able to see the things that are nearer to eyes as well as concentrate far away as well. You need not change the glasses while driving and using a mobile phone. Usually, the near range is added to the lower side of the lenses, whereas the upper portion allows you to watch things far away. 

What to look for when buying prescription sunglasses for women?

It is important to mention that women’s prescription sunglasses come with a variety of features. So, one should make a clear analysis before buying these sunglasses to achieve the desired results. Below we have listed a few essential features that you should look when making a selection of women prescription sunglasses:

Frame styles

You will be happy to hear that prescription sunglasses also come in a variety of frame styles the same as the normal sunglasses. Hence, you can find something that matches your unique fashion sense and personality requirements. But make sure you do not buy prescription sunglasses frames with extreme curves because they may distort the vision. 

There are several frame types that you can choose for your wearables; the most popular options are metal and plastic. Note that sturdy metal frames can be made up of nickel, stainless steel and titanium. Whereas the plastic frames are preferably made up of polycarbonate and zylonite. 

Lens Types

The prescription sunglasses are currently available in a variety of lens materials. You can thin of buying Trivex, regular plastic, polycarbonate, high-index and the glass as well. Although the simple glass version of prescription sunglasses ensures the highest optical quality; still, they are not a preferred choice for buyers. It is just because the glass versions of eye-wears are usually heavier and may also shatter easily. 

Another popular option among buyers is eyeglasses with photochromatic tint. These lenses become automatically darker in the sunlight and return to the natural clear state when you walk indoors. Photochromatic lenses are a more convenient choice due to their easy adjustments as per light conditions.

 Cost of glasses

The third most important aspect that you need to consider while making a purchase is the cost of sunglasses. They are available in a wide range of styles and the cost also varies from brand to brand. The type of material used for designing frames and lens make a considerable difference in cost. Also, the cost may vary with the type of prescription for women. 

One should go online and compare pricing between some favorite brands. It will help you to choose the best one with ease. You can also think of buying more than one pair of glasses to get a special discount on online purchases. Note that many big brands provide reliable offers to buyers. The top-quality prescription sunglasses come with a warranty and you can get a full refund if they do not perform well. Hence, it is always recommended to go ahead with trusted brands that value your purchase. 

Benefits of wearing prescription lenses

No matter for what reason you wear prescription lenses, they offer several benefits to every user. Below we have highlighted a few amazing benefits of wearing prescription lenses for your routines:

Crisp and Clear Vision

Those who spend more time outdoors and expect clear and crisp vision in all light conditions may find these sunglasses an ideal solution for their routines. These lenses are designed to address specific vision correction needs. One can also design lenses with specific tint including colors like blue, yellow, rose and gray as well. No matter whether you have a prescription for near-sightedness or far-sightedness, these lenses can correct your vision with ease. You will have a crisp and clear vision even when the sun is shining right into your eyes.

Deal with the glare

Many people are highly sensitive to glare as compared to sun brightness. Polarized prescription lenses help to neutralize blinding glare so that you can see the world without any restriction. Usually, glare occurs when the horizontal sun rays bounce back into the eyes from a variety of surfaces such as sidewalks, roadways, beaches, sports fields, playgrounds, and water bodies. The prescription sunglasses for women have the ability to banish the glare so that you can enjoy your outdoor activities with unrestricted vision.

100% UV protection

Depending upon the style and color of the prescription sunglasses, they can help you block 100% of the UV rays to save your eyes from damage. Reports say that UV rays can cause several serious vision problems such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and eyelid cancer. These prescription sunglasses can help you stay safe from UV rays while also preventing premature aging and sunburn as well. Opticians say that the area surrounding the eyes is more sensitive to the UV damage, but these sunglasses can protect your skin from all those harmful elements. It means you can enjoy younger looking skin in the long run. 

Suite your lifestyle

The biggest benefit of modern prescription sunglasses is that they are available to serve your lifestyle with ease. No matter what kind of eye treatments you have gone through, you play outdoor sports or love to visit adventure spots around the world. These lenses can protect you everywhere. The smart design technology makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor needs with exact vision correction abilities. You can even find blue-blocking sunglasses to stay safe from harmful light released by gadgets and polarized lenses to prevent glare caused by shiny surfaces such as windows, water, and pavements.  

Get a prescription before you buy

Prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses should not be purchased randomly online; rather, you should get a prescription from an experienced optometrist first. They make use of the latest machines and tools to check the vision issue in your eyes and can recommend the right solution to correct the problem. The eye care professionals may help you to which particular lens type and vision range you have to choose while buying prescription sunglasses. Note that the standard validity of prescription is 2 years in the case of adults, and it may be only 1 year for the youngsters. It is better to get new prescriptions from time to time and change the lenses accordingly. 

There are plenty of options for glasses online that can help you find the right pair of prescription glasses with customized vision correction. They can help you improve vision with ease while staying safe from the harmful effects of direct sunlight.