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The glasses from our store are customized and made with high-quality frames and lenses. They pass through several layers of tests before they leave our facility. Our stylish pair of glasses online for men and women are designed affordably and high in comfort.

Essential Features Your Glasses Ought to Have

A vast range of sunglasses and prescription glasses on offer

Super-fast shipping on placing the order

Responsive customer service

Accurate reading for power glasses

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At Hipoptical, style and affordability go hand in hand. Check out our extensive range of eyewear, and impressive patterns and colors of frames to define ‘YOU!’ The glasses are light in weight and yet not of cheap quality. From our designing studios, each frame goes through several tests to ensure flexibility, adequate spring tension, and durability.

Who Needs to Buy Glasses

Glasses are for the people of all age groups - men and women. You also have the option of going for contact lenses. Glasses have been around since ancient civilizations, and though the modern ones are far more lightweight and designer, the purpose has been the same. The glasses now are made with superior frames, unlike the past, where they were mostly made of glass until recent decades.

A person working in the sun for long hours will need to get UV Protective lenses. A person working on a computer for long may need a pair of blue light glasses, which we, at Hipoptical, specialize in now! We also offer glasses to those with weak eye constitution.

If you are in certain professions where the vision you seek is nothing less than 20/20, you need to consult an optometrist.

Vision Problems for You to Get Glasses

Each time you step out in the sun, you need a pair of glasses. A right pair of glasses can amplify your beauty and give your character more depth and finesse. Talking of glasses, many don’t realize that they need a pair for themselves until they are struggling to read a normal print or getting a severe headache after looking at the computer screen for long.

Do you need a pair of single-vision or multifocal glasses? Here, we discuss the symptoms, which signal your need to get a pair of glasses.

Blurry vision or things appear with fuzzy outlines

Eyes strain on seeing some print or video

Trouble driving at night

Regular headaches

Distortion of vision

Double vision

Squinting while reading or viewing in poor light

Getting to see halos around illuminated objects

Besides these, there are set vision problems, which you need to check for specific conditions.

In ophthalmology, specialists often talk about refractive errors for which you need to buy glasses. These refractive errors in eyesight are:


Famous as nearsightedness when light rays fall in a spot before reaching the retina, Myopia is quite common. Glasses are available for correcting the same. The experts usually recommend bifocal, trifocal, or even single vision lenses to correct the same.


When light rays reach beyond the retina, you stop at nothing to consult an optometrist and get the correction. There are lenses available for the same.



When light rays fall unevenly on the retina surface, the condition you get is that of astigmatism. Check out our collection at Hip Optical for the same.



With age, you find it difficult to focus. The light rays go astray, and therefore, it is too strenuous on the eyes when they have to read something.

These refractive errors happen when the light rays do not bend and fall on the right spot in the retina. Thus, the brain fails to transmit these lights to the brain, causing the vision to blur.

Face Shapes and Frames to Match

We keep refreshing our stock of lenses regularly, and so you get enough options to try. We advise you to get the Pupillary distance before getting the prescription glasses from us. Our vast collection of glasses is sure to captivate your attention, and when you sport them, you too are sure to be eye-catchy.

Let us now help you pick the best frames to suit your face shape.

Round Face

Proportion is everything in people whose faces are perfectly round. Since the face is round, you need to show off some sharp angles. This is where sharp square or rectangular frames will come in handy. There are full-rimmed and semi-rimmed ones available for you to experiment with, in this case.

Square Face

If you have a square face, your chin and forehead are both wide. The cheeks are also well defined, and hence, you must avoid anything with sharp edges. In short, stay away from rectangular and square frames. Go for round eyeglasses in rimless or semi-rim frames.

Diamond Face

Round glasses or rimless, oval frames go well with this rare face shape. The narrow forehead but wide cheeks, which you want to highlight will look well with these quirky round glass frames.

Oval Shaped Face

If your face is oval, the best frame is the cat’s eye style. Since the face has pointed or tapering chin and narrow forehead, the cat-eye protruding edges stand as a contrast. Go for aviators and rectangular shaped frames if you prefer something more conventional. These glasses allow you to accentuate wide cheekbones. Don’t go for narrow frames or too many patterns on the frames. Go for bright colors or style as you want.

Heart-Shaped Face

Wide forehead is a striking feature, and along with this is the narrow chin and high cheekbones. The heart-shaped face calls for you to bring in balance to your best features. You must try to avoid oversized glasses since they would bring too much attention to your cheeks. Round shaped glasses online will be appropriate. Also, look for oval glasses with thin frames.

Talking of the face shapes, at Hip Optical, we also offer you frames made of polished acetate and stainless steel. We specialize in:

Rimless frame

Full-rimmed frame

Semi-rimmed frame

Now that we have spoken in length about the face shapes and the frames that complement them let us check out more about the lenses you can get.

We offer:


Anyone who needs to see properly and clearly will benefit from the Polarized lenses. These are great with UV protection and ideal after cataract surgery or for those who simply need something to wear while driving in the daytime.


We shall happily make any of your prescription glasses or reading glasses into photochromatic. This makes the glasses tinted and dark when you are out in the sun.


It is common in use by people with hyperopia or myopia. These are durable, and we use the most resilient products to create the best for you.


People normally dislike the lines that pass through the center of bifocals or trifocals. This is where the modern progressives win easily! At Hip Optical, check our dazzling collection as you buy glasses.
Get Customer Service for Finding the Right Pair

It is easy to get prescription eyeglasses from Hip Optical like any other power glasses. All that you have to do is to get the PD numbers from your optometrist. Once you select the frames and lenses, you aim to opt for yourself, take a snap of your prescription, and upload it to us. Our customer service team will take note of those figures and give you the glasses accurately. Every year, we are upgrading our range of styles and services to ensure that you get to see well throughout your lifetime. In many cases, we also talk to your optometrist if we have any doubts regarding the Pupillary distance number.

In case you aim to opt for vision insurance, talk to our customer service agent, and know the best ways to avail the same. We are open to listen to you and make your shopping of glasses online or contact lenses hassle-free and affordable. Our customers have lavishly showered us with praises, and so we are committed to offering exemplary service at all times.