Eyeglass Frames Online

There is no better way to make you look good and better than getting new Frames. Eyeglasses are a must-have for all fashion lovers. Remember that there are different reasons why people go for it. Some go for it because of fashion, while some go for it because it is based on recommendation. But as a fashionista who always wants to be at the top of the fashion trend, we want to look at various areas of what makes eyeglasses important. 

It does not matter whether you wear eyeglasses with prescription glasses or plain; with modern frames, your look will change, then you will look new and attractive in society. First of all, we need to understand that everybody has different faces; the shape of your face is what will determine both the kind of glass and frames that will help you look good. Let's look at things to consider before getting a glass frame.

Which frame shape suits your face?

Different eye frame shapes can suit your face; the most recommended among the various categories is the angular frames.  It has a proportion that is relatively equal in width and length; people with round faces will find sharp-angled frames cute as it has extra definition and depth for their face. With all this said, shoppers with oval faces should know it's a must for them to avoid small and round frames, so their features don't become lost. But with frames that have angular and full shapes, there are chances of adding an illusion of length to your face with full rim and semi-rimless great to consider.

Which glass suits heart-shaped faces?

Heart-shaped faces have varieties of frames that help them look great. For this kind of face to have a suitable configuration of the structure, glass frames that are thin and light-colored is the best. Avoid those with a heavy bottom, over-sized, and design element riots as that is not a criterion for looking good. Your primary aim is to give your face a good look and draw the attention of onlookers to yourself by adding balance to the width of your face. 

Which frames suit diamond faces?

People with diamond-shaped faces are the most common; they have the opportunity of using different categories of eyeglass frames. Nevertheless, despite the fact they are open to using almost any kind of eyeglass frame, they like they still have a particular shape that best suits their face, which is the rimless or oval Frame, particularly the ones that have sharp brow lines. Frames with these shapes help to give your face the right balance and help you play up your unique features with fun and funky Frames.

Topmost popular fashion frames

It is not new that brand new eyeglass frames are one unique thing that helps quickly update your style. With different colors available for purchase, the best way to catch and make the fun grow is choosing from a series of colors available at your disposal. Let’s take a look at how color eyeglass frames are gradually taking the show of frames.

Clear and transparent frame glasses

Eyeglass frames of this nature are the most popular; it easily captures the imagination of fashion designers. With this, fashion designers can come up with great designs that can go in line with this kind of glass frames. With this kind of glass frame on you, there is no doubt the public will always want to have a glimpse of you.

Gradient tint eyeglasses

Basically, for sun protection, these tint glasses are great for driving. The reason why we believe it is suitable for driving is that the upper half of the lens does no other thing than to shield your eyes away from the sun. However, the lower part is not as tinted as the upper parts of the lens; this will allow you to see your motor dashboard quickly without obstruction. Athletes who do both indoor and outdoor activities are the best users of the gradient lens. Those that are into hiking don't take it for a joke as they are always excited wearing it because it helps them protect their eyes from the sun when filtering through the trees. 

How to shop for eyeglass frames online

The World Wide Web is a global market that everybody is going crazy for, particularly those who want to buy for one item or the other. Everybody has different stories to tell about their shopping experiences online and how they get disappointed when they eventually receive a substandard version of what they ordered. However, the last thing that may let you be subpar is your eyeglass frames, but that does not mean shopping for eyeglasses online, or eyeglass frames online is a bad idea. Buying anything online nowadays now requires that you do a lot of research and read reviews about that product you have developed an interest in, so you will not fall victim to substandard products over and over again.

Let’s look at some tips that have helped a lot of people shop for eyeglass frames online without problems with counterfeit products. 

Know your prescription

Most people buy the wrong specification of eyeglasses for themselves online, mainly because they don't know the right size for them. Before you shop for any glass online, make sure you go through a comprehensive eye exam and updated glasses prescription. Doing this does not mean you have a problem with your eyes; it's just a way of being on a safer side and knowing the right size for you.

Choose an online retailer

It will not be a good idea if you jump into any retailer you come across online. It would be best if you did research, ask questions before finally settling for one. The best way to do this is if you can read reviews about the retailer you want to use, go to google and yelp to do a quick browse. Doing this is essential as it will help you know each site's frame selection and price range. Most importantly, you need to be sure if your vision insurance is accepted.

Return policy

Purchasing something online and, in the end, returning it is not always an act of wickedness. Sometimes it may be because what you ordered is not what was shipped or you have lost the taste for it, vice-versa. The wise thing to do before placing an order is to read and understand the return/exchange policy of your retailer before placing an order. It will help you know if you are covered or have to pay a certain amount as a penalty for return.

Order the Perfect Frame

If you are serious about getting the right eyeglass frames online for yourself, the first and best thing you should do is to not let yourself waste so much time creating your checklist first. Let's look at some of the things you have to do.


Doing this requires that you list out your glass preferences e.g., cat eyes, rimless and so on

Face shape

Just as we have explained earlier on in this article. You need to know if your face is heart-shaped, diamond, or round face. You need to know this before purchasing one.


For someone whose face can use any glass frames, then you must have a favorite shape that you think is good for you. Some people love to go for black and bold frames, that is why your choice matters. Some also prefer plastic, wire rims, or eco-friendly made frames. Do not forget that while doing that, you must know the measurement of the present Frame you use.


Knowing your budget is very important. Your budget is what will determine the quality you will end up getting. You may come across an eyeglass frame that is higher than your budget, in this kind of situation. All you need to do is to save the link of the Frame, and later when you have enough, you place an order.

Choose your lens

The moment you have come across your choice of eyeglass, the next step is to enter your eyeglass prescription and pupillary distance. You are doing all this so that you will not order the wrong glass for yourself.

Complete your order

Once you have successfully found the Right Frame for yourself, the next thing is to enter your prescription information together with the lens coatings or upgrade. With all this done, you are good to go completing your order.

Receiving your frames requires a little patience, depending on the courier company handling the delivery. In this wise, you need to exercise patience for your eyeglass frames to get to you. If you are confused and do not know how to get a quality eyeglass frame, do not hesitate to visit hipoptical.com