Eyeglasses For Women

Women and eyeglasses are a match that’s made in heaven. There’s a joke on the internet that you should always date a girl with glasses. She’s pretty much a new person when she takes them off. Although that’s pretty much an over-exaggerated meme, there is some truth to it. No matter who you are, eyeglasses for women are something that could really spice up your whole appearance and add a ton of spark to your personality. But the question is, what sort of glasses do you wear? What’s the style that screams YOU? What’s the style that would really let you project the look that you want the world to see? Well, we’re here to help with just that. We’ve compiled a list of some of the trending styles in the world of fashion today. So, if you’re skeptical about the type of look you should go for, close your eyes and pick one from our list. It's bound to look fabulous!

Cat Eyeglasses 

Cat eye glasses are something that screams femininity at the tops of its lungs. The somewhat slanted look on the bottom of these frames and the straight one on the top gives off a “part-angel, part-devil” vibe that really puts people on their edge. 

Cat eyeglasses look perfect on diamond-shaped faces. Faces that have a narrower forehead and chin and can rock the wide frame of the cat eyeglasses. 

There are two colors that are mostly used when it comes to cat eyeglasses for women. They’re red and black and truth be told, these colors work with pretty much any face shape and type. Black sort of gives off an elegant look and is perfect for females that are into digging the whole working women look. You could even pair the black with another color like this blue from our shop at Hipoptical. On the other side, red is completely different and puts a sexy twist on a simple frame that already looks insanely hot and gorgeous. 

These aren’t the only two colors you could opt for. That’s the beauty of cat eyeglasses for women. For instance, this piece from Hipoptical is sorty of a mixture between a brown earthy color and a turquoise shade. They have a retro feel to them and they can work with a wide array of colors. Even something as extravagant as pink can oftentimes look extremely appealing with these frames. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with cat eyeglasses. They have a tendency to look good no matter what finish you through on them.

Hipster Glasses

There are going to be some glasses on our list that are made to have a by-the-book look. But, then there are things like the hipster glasses that literally tear that said book into pieces. Women that are wearing hipster glasses are almost never wearing them with prescription lenses. Its more of an “I don’t need glasses, but I’m still going to wear these” type of situation. And, honestly, no one is complaining because they look absolutely stunning on any females, making this one of the most popular types of eyeglasses for women.

Hipster glasses cover a much wider variety of eyeglasses than some of the other names on this list. These glasses are not really a type, they’re more of a category with some pretty unique eyeglasses included in them. But if we’re talking generally, hipster glasses are recommended for women with round, square or rectangular glasses since they really blend well with your face shape and add balance to the rest of your features.

There’s not much that can be said in terms of the color. As we said a second ago, this category is so diverse, it could involve a thousand different things and a thousand different colors. But, if we had to pinpoint one, we’d suggest white hipster glasses. They really bring out your skin color and if you pair it up with a light-colored outfit, it could be pretty awesome.

Round Eyeglasses

Round eyeglasses are something that has been around since the last century. They’re sort of a constant thing and never really run out of fashion just because of how flawless they’ve been as eyeglasses for women. Back in the day, round eyeglasses had a thick frame that didn’t really look that great. But, these days, females are rocking round eyeglasses with much thinner frames and it has taken over as one of the hottest eyeglasses trends to ever exist.

Females that have more of a square-face shape should definitely consider round eyeglasses. It takes the edge off of your features and really evens out your look with the roundness of the frame. It is the perfect combination between sweet and sexy, like this frame from Hip Optical. 

So, colors are extremely important when it comes to eyeglasses. A slight color change could unlock a whole new perspective of your personality. You could rock a black frame for any office meeting, a red for a party and a brown for pretty much everything you could ever hope for. There’s a wide array of exciting colors with round eyeglasses. Ladies are using red, purple and even cinnamon-patterns on their round glasses and everything works brilliantly. You could even go absolutely crazy with a color like this one. If you’re into eyeglasses for the sophisticated look, we highly suggest going the route of round eyeglasses. You can find tons of them on Hip Optical!

Oversized Eyeglasses

These eyeglasses are some of the most popular ones for females these days because of their tendency to make a person look highly interesting. In fashion, wearing oversized sunglasses is sort of a representation of a rebel attitude and it becomes more of a fashion statement as opposed to means to achieve a look.

Oversized eyeglasses for women work best when worn on a female with an oval or plump face. They’re also suitable for round faces but only when the frame isn’t round itself. A pair of squared oversized eyeglasses works really well with a round face.

Oversized eyeglasses typically use a black frame or black and another color like this one because you really need the frame to contrast with your skin and stand out. The whole purpose of wearing huge eyeglasses is to have a frame that can stand out from the rest of your face, and the black color does just that regardless of your skin tone. Red and other weird colors like this one are recommended for older women. Those colors really speak for themselves and give out a clear message, “I may be old, but I’m still too hot for you”.

Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses

Let’s just say this at the beginning, Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses are not for everyone. Look at this piece from Hip Optical. It’s something that doesn’t really suit everyone, but the people that do have the required facial features can do a lot with these eyeglasses and their unique look.

Also called horn-rimmed cay eyeglasses, these frames look spectacular when they oppose your facial features completely. If you have a somewhat rounded face, go for a squared pair of eyeglasses. If you have squared facial features, go with a round pair. Just go the complete opposite of your face shape and it should work well.

Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses are funky. They have a uniquely graphic look that really compliments your outfit and, overall, your fashion sense. You could go for a blend of yellow / black like this piece if you’re going for a discrete look and don’t want your frame to stand out that much. But, if you do, go wild with colors like red, orange and hazel to really let the eyeglasses (and you!) shine.


Like we said at the very start, eyeglasses and women are a match made in heaven. Sure, guys can rock glasses too, but there’s something special about a female with glasses on. So, if you’re a gal who wants to rock any of the eyeglasses mentioned above in our list, we can help you out. Here at Hip Optical, we have a wide assortment of eyeglasses for all sorts of face shapes, skin tones, and ages. If you’re looking for eyeglasses worth your buck, then visit our shape and get your hands on the sickest eyeglasses for women on the internet!