Mens Prescription SunglassesAs the climate warms up and the sun gets stronger, ensure your eyes are set up with some prescription sunglasses! They join the perks of the two eyeglasses and sunglasses by keeping the eyes secured and enabling you to see clearly. Drained of winding up, attempting to wear the sunglasses over eyeglasses? The prescription sunglasses are also known as Rx sunglasses and they are ideal for soaking up some sun, driving, and even for sports.

Why should you get prescription sunglasses?

In the event that you don't effectively possess a pair of sunglasses for men, you might be unclear on the benefits. We will go through a list of a couple of benefits. Let’s dive in.

Optical Clarity: First and foremost, Rx sunglasses are custom-fitted to your prescription and assist you with seeing even in brilliant daylight. Not any more squinting in the sun! 

Eye Protection: Sunglasses for men help eliminate UV and blue light, the two of which hurt your eyes and cause eye weakness. Most of our frames offer 100% UV insurance and fractional blue light security while also shielding you from dust, insects, and earth particles. What's not to love? 

Contact Issues: Have your contacts become a hassle or expense? Rx sunglasses are an incredible alternative for when your eyes are getting dry, or you just need a break from managing contacts. 

Comfort: They are two pairs of glasses in one! You won't have to wear non-prescription sunglasses over your daily glasses or manage contacts or clip ons. 

Fashion Accessories: Sunglasses for men are a statement and give you an open door for self-expression. With the wide assortment of styles and brands we sell, you'll locate the ideal pair for your face shape and sense of style. 

How to buy prescription sunglasses for men online?

Getting quality and right sunglasses online personalized to your lifestyle and prescription requires prior knowledge. You have to consider specific issues because each pair of made to prescription sunglasses is a custom-made thing. The design and materials of the two lenses and frames are unique and treated in an unexpected way. Your head and eyes are distinctive as well, so you or your optician must take various measurements for a legitimate fit. Here are six tips on the best way to arrange the correct prescription sunglasses online 

Get a refreshed eye assessment 

The standard legitimacy time of eye prescription is one year for youngsters and two years for adults. In the event that your prescription is obsolete, visit your neighborhood optical shop to get another one. At whatever point you get your eyesight analyzed, advise the optometrist to give you a duplicate of the prescription. Key in the details of the prescription duplicate when making the request. 

Measure your pupillary distance 

To get the ideal focusing of the Rx lenses on your sunglasses, we would, in a perfect world, need your pupillary distance or PD (otherwise a non-exclusive or default PD based on the end-users age or sex is used). The optometrists will take note of this measurement during your eye assessment; please ensure this is recorded on your prescription card. Use this measurement while submitting a request because the ideal focus of the lenses will give you the best vision. 

Select the right frames

Realize your frame size, using these three factors to decide the correct frame for your sunglasses: 

Select RX sunglasses that compliment your shape; great sunglasses can complement your facial features and in general look. Make an ideal balance on your appearance by choosing a frame shape that gives a contrast to the shape of your face. 

Choose a frame that fits your own style take a gander at the material, shading, shape and the detailing with regards to sunglasses style. In the event that you love classy, hipster, trendy, sporty, retro, or something in the middle of, the decision is yours. 

Buy the correct frame size glasses that don't consummately fit you can be unbalanced looking and uncomfortable. Choosing the correct frame size will ensure that you feel and look stunning. 

Choose the lens material to coordinate men's prescription 

There are basically three lens materials for prescription sunglasses with various recommended use and value points. 

High index

They are recommended for individuals with higher prescriptions and those associated with fashion and comfort for casual use or wear. 


 These are impact-resistant lenses. They are recommended for athletes, kids and individuals with dynamic lifestyles. 


They are standard optical lenses. They are recommended for individuals with light prescriptions for casual wearing. 

Pay only for what you require with order customizations

Search for a retailer that allows you to value your sunglasses for men based on what you require instead of a one-value fit-all estimating approach, which will probably result in you paying for options you needn't bother with. The more options you have, the better control you have over the amount you wind up paying. 

Place the order

When you have chosen the correct frame, lenses, and given your glasses prescription, including your pupillary distance, you would now be able to prepare to submit your request. Keep in mind, to double-check the details you have composed in (common errors incorporate the + or - sign before your prescription parameters) before putting in the request. Transferring a duplicate of the necessary glasses prescription would also ensure our Opticians to check what you have entered vs your genuine prescription requirements. 

So, we have experienced everything including prescription sunglasses! We trust at this point you are prepared to hit the stores and make a purchase; just recall these essential tips, and you can't turn out badly when buying sunglasses for men. 

There are such a significant number of pairs available, and they are picking up in styles as designers understand the significance of good eye-care, so shop around and locate the ideal pair for you. Prescription Sunglasses resemble the best companion, and on the off chance that you care for them appropriately, you can have them for life. 

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