Discover our most iconic frames to date.

Discover our most iconic frames to date.


Lightweight but impactful, Bonnie is designed for the women who lead, inspire, and transform their world. These frames speak of sophistication without saying a word due to their oversized rounded square lenses and ultra-sleek metal build—a minimalistic design that ensures you stand out in simplicity, one gaze at a time.


Unlock the power of effortless style with the Devon frame. Its thick, full-rimmed squares are softened by round edges, creating a robust silhouette that's a nod to the past, yet perfectly poised for the present.


Step into your power with Elona—a bold design that turns both heads and hearts. Its oversized, squarish shape gently tapers into delicate, upswept corners, creating a subtle allure that whispers of both nostalgia and modernity.