Discover our most iconic frames to date.

Discover our most iconic frames to date.


Dominate the eyewear scene with Griffin, a powerful accessory made for the modern gentleman. With its square silhouette softened by slightly rounded edges and a minimalist metal frame, this frame exudes utter confidence and class. The straight bridge keeps the look sharp, ready to take on the workday hustle or weekend escapades with ease.


Lishka's classic circular design blends seamlessly with the gentle tease of a playful cat-eye, injecting a touch of feminine mystique for a truly chic and memorable effect.


Loki is a classic aviator with a rebellious edge, tailored for the bold and the brave. Its oversized teardrop lenses and streamlined metal frame instantly channel the spirit of fearless pioneers and daring adventurers. With each wear, you’re infused with a surge of nostalgia, mirroring the charisma of old- school Hollywood icons and today's style innovators.


Delphi stands out as a minimalist marvel, capturing attention with its subtle elegance. Tailored for the connoisseur of clean design, the frame features a simplistic construction with no frills attached. Its sharp lines and unbroken, straight bridge project an aura of intelligence and assurance, making Delphi your go- to for making a quietly powerful statement.


Experience class and confidence like never before with the Briggs frame. Its design orchestrates a symphony of contrasts: narrow, well-defined rectangles softened by delicate curves, all crowned by a straight bridge that embodies simplicity. Unadorned, clean, and minimalistic, the Briggs frame strikes a rare balance between subtlety and a bold presence—emerging as the ultimate versatile accessory.