Optical EyeglassesThe first optical eyeglasses were made around a thousand years back in Italy. Innovation has overcome much since medieval times. Presently, prescription glasses are a device to improve vision, yet additionally, a fashionable frill that lets an individual communicate in style. Hip Optical selection of optical eyeglasses contains an immense number of models for men and women, with an incredible assortment of eyewear colors and shapes. Whatever you need, Hip Optical has got you secured with the frame that flawlessly fits your face shape. Browse your preferred style of glasses, pick your lenses and appreciate free shipping and excellent customer service by our team. 

Types of prescription glasses

In the present lifetime, reading prescription glasses can be a challenging job, particularly for the individuals who are getting their new pair of glasses. At the point when you go for an eye examination to any eye-care professional, you should take some knowledge on the most proficient method to read the lettering and what are some of the regular kinds of prescriptions, which could support to settle on a smarter decision. 

Single Vision Optical Eyeglasses 

Single vision lenses are made to exact nearsightedness and farsightedness. All through the lens, they convey the same measure of vision modification power required. In single vision reading eyeglasses, individuals usually go for full-rim frames. However, you may likewise see some wearing half-rim frames in single vision lenses. These are slightly thinner and sit on the nose to see the distant objects. 

Bifocals Lens 

Bifocals includes two prescriptions inside a single lens, which could exact both near and far sights. By and large, they contain focal lengths to fix close vision, and distances of 10 feet and further. When we look at an individual wearing bifocal, we can see a line in the middle of the prescription lens. 

Progressives Lens

Progressive lenses contain three prescriptions inside a single lens and have three primary grounds of visualization that are distance, near and intermediate. The upper piece of the lens is for distance, the middle section of the lens is for computer, and the lower portion of the lens is for reading, that is the reason it is also known as "no-line bifocal" or "varifocal." However, progressives don't have a line in the middle of like bifocals; they deliver the client an all in one and nonstop changeover whether they see something nearby or at separation objects. 

Computer Glasses 

The lenses of computer optical eyeglasses are designed to manage eye strain brought about by computer screens. Computer glasses help with an intermediate separation of around 20 to 26 inches, which is the distance that most of the people sit from their display. Numerous computer glasses have tinted lenses to shut out blue light radiating from the electronic devices. 

Reading Glasses

Regardless of whether you don't have an eyeglass prescription from your eye doctor, you might end up requiring reading glasses. A prescription isn't necessary to buy reading glasses; however, your eye doctor could tell you about the magnification that you need. 

Optical Eyeglasses Frame Types

When shopping for the right pair of glasses, considering the frame type is very important. There are three basic types of frame; full-frame, rimless and semi-rimless. With unique characteristics, each frame type gives a different look and feel. 

Full Frame 

When a frame completely outlines the lenses, the glasses are viewed as full-frame. Full frames are a decent alternative in case you’re hoping to highlight your eyes. These frames are the most durable and are the best alternative to accommodate higher prescriptions that require thicker lenses. 

Semi-rimless Frame 

A semi-rimless frame outlines the upper portion of the lens and helps highlight the top half of your face. These frames offer a classy appearance with a lightweight vibe and exceptional comfort. With the lenses being half uncovered, they are progressively susceptible to cracks. 

Rimless Frame 

Just as it sounds, rimless glasses come without rims. These frames are made from the temples and the nose bridge. They are more delicate as compared to other frame types, rimless frames give the biggest field of vision and are likewise the most lightweight choice. 

Why Buy an Online pair of glasses?

In looking out for our own styles, the ideal fit, and the best value for cash, we have shopped almost everywhere for a perfect pair of glasses. Regardless of whether you are near or far-sighted, need eyeglasses for reading or when you’re using a computer, glasses are a regular part of life. 

But, the glasses are presumed to be exceedingly costly, and their costs could fluctuate overpoweringly, relying upon the brand and prescription. In any case, did you realize that purchasing on the web could necessarily lessen these costs? 

In case you are here, then you are aware that purchasing a pair of glasses in-store could cause outrageous costs that fit to hardly any budgets. Numerous individuals have already switched to buying optical eyeglasses online as a result. But some dangers come with it. 

However, you can often discover top-notch designer prescription glasses at the cost of a store's least expensive pair. With a stronger purchasing power on the web, you can get yourself better and stylish eyeglasses or even a few pairs. 

Finally, purchasing prescription glasses online has the convenience of having the option to do it from the comfort of your own home. You can look through the wide collection of frames and fill in your prescription details without going out. 

How to take care of your pair of glasses?

Your prescription glasses are a huge investment. You may invest a ton of energy picking the frames and colors to guarantee that you get the right pair of glasses for your fashion sense, lifestyle, and face shape. 

However, when you’ve your pair of glasses, you might not think about how you care for them. Tragically, neglect, oversight, or mistaken cleaning strategies can harm the lenses or frames of your eyeglasses. 

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to take care of your prescription glasses. 


In the event that you wear your prescription glasses most or all day, the lenses could get fingerprints, dust, and different sorts of stain that might influence your vision. Appropriately cleaning your glasses when they become dirty protects the lenses. 

Use the right type of cleaning cloth 

A cleaning cloth is commonly considered for the packaging when you buy a new piece of eyewear too. Today, top-notch microfiber materials are being utilized by every single official producer; however, a cleaning cloth might be likewise found at chemist or optometrist. 

Don’t underrate a choice of cleaning cloth material. Never use a tissue, paper, or piece of clothing to clean your eyeglasses lenses - these fibers have a textured surface and can scratch the lens. 

A strong case for storage 

Putting away your optical eyeglasses in a durable case whenever you are not wearing them will go far towards prevention scratches on the lenses. Never place your prescription glasses in a bag, purse, or pocket unprotected. 

Don't Put Your Glasses on Your Head

When you take your glasses off, don't just push them up over your head. The top of the head is commonly more wide as compared to the face and setting your glasses, and they could widen the frames. 

Use your Both Hands to Wear them 

When you expel and put on your glasses, use both of your hands, one on either temple arm. This movement encourages the right alignment and limits changes to the fit of your frames after some time.

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