Optical GlassesLooking for the appropriate optical glasses? Don’t know what features to look for while selecting the right one for you? Don’t know which platform is the best spot to find all your desired lenses? Don’t worry! Hipoptical has the right guidance and collection of optical glasses for its dedicated customers. This article will throw light on various factors that must be given due consideration when it comes to glasses. 

Choosing the right glasses is not only important for your eyes but also for your convenience. You would never feel comfortable with the glasses that are in accordance with your requirements. 

Features to Look For

A single factor can never be assessed while selecting the right glasses. Requirements of every client are always different from one another. Finding the right pair of glasses is never easy. You can use the following parameters to bring yourself the ease of choosing the right glasses quite easily:

Face Shape

Most people think that face shape is the prime factor for the selection of glasses. You cannot just visit the store of optical glasses and select any random pair right away. If your face has round features, then your preference must be the glasses with more angles. Contrary to this, if your face features are angular, then the preference must shift towards rounder glasses. 

For those people who possess a neutral face shape, the range of choices becomes wider. They can have glasses of different shapes. 

Skin Complexion

Another pivotal factor is your skin complexion. It is always encouraged that you opt for those glasses that contrast your skin tone. Everybody loves to have a vibrant looking face. Choosing the optical glasses that are in accordance with your natural complexion will ensure this desired look. People with a better knowledge about the undertones utilize this factor to the fullest to select the glasses that are well-suited to their needs.  

Style Preferences

Style is a factor that is subjective by all means. Every person has a different taste when it comes to style and looks. You can choose the frame that is well-suited to your wardrobe and fashion sense. Those people who prefer more of a conventional style should prefer vintage glasses. People with modern stylish preferences have a wide range of options as more new designs come with time. 

What Type of Lenses Can You Opt For?

Looking for your desired optical lenses? Finding it difficult to choose the right pair of lenses due to lack of enough knowledge? The following information about the types of lenses can help you figure out what type fits your needs:

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses are one of the most commonly known prescription glasses. Prescription lenses are meant to improve the clarity of vision of eyes. Vision lenses must match perfectly with the eyes for a better vision. As the name signifies, this type of lens only has a single power distributed throughout the lenses.  They are prescribed to patients with issues such as far-sightedness or near-sightedness. 

Bifocal Lenses

This type of lens has two optical powers. Bifocal lenses differentiate between far-sightedness and near-sightedness through a line that is specifically marked to serve both purposes. The top portion of the lenses is for the distance vision, while the bottom portion is for the near vision. This line is clearly visible on the lenses. 

Trifocal Lenses

If you are in search of a lens that can correct near distance as well as intermediate vision, the trifocal lens is the right solution. Three lenses are utilized to form trifocal lenses as a single element. 

Toric Lenses

If you are suffering from the issue of astigmatism, toric lenses can be of great help. It is one of the most optimal solutions to correct cornea deformity. The lens used in these glasses has different optical powers.

You May Also Opt For Tinted Lenses

If you are among those people who prefer tinted lenses, you would love the diverse collection of tinted lenses available at Hipoptical Tinted lenses have anti-reflection properties that reduce the effect of glare and improve the vision in the sunlight. Such a reduction in the glare is not offered in ordinary optical glasses. The protection from the glare depends upon the deepness of tint that is applied on the glasses. Apart from the glare reducing property of these lenses, they also bring exquisite looks to the face. The following types of tinted lenses are available for you to choose the one for yourself:

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses have the unique ability to change their color when exposed to a significant intensity of sunlight. They appear to be clear inside, but when taken into direct sunlight; their color turns into a dark shade instantly. Hipoptical offers photochromic lenses made of glass or various types of plastic. 

Polarized Lenses

Normal sunlight is not damaging to the eyes. When this sunlight reflects from a surface, it turns into a glare that causes irritation to the eyes. This process is natural, and you can witness it mostly on the surface of cars in the daylight. Polarized lenses provide protection from this glare. These lenses have the ability to neutralize the reflections right away. Reduced reflections result in a reduced effect of glare. So if you have a routine where you have to remain in the sunlight for a longer time, then these polarized lenses can give you the required protection from the effects of UV and glare. 

Gradient Lenses

One of the fashionable lenses mostly common among people is gradient lens. Apart from the fashion, they also serve the purpose of protecting your eyes from sunlight. They prove to be quite handy while driving. The upper portion of the lenses prevents the sunlight while the lower portion makes the lower view clear for driving. These lenses are available here at Hipoptical in different colors. You can reap the benefits as well as enjoy fashion by wearing gradient lenses of attractive colors. 

Ultra-Violet Lenses

UV rays are always harmful for the body. Eyes are more sensitive to these UV rays. You don’t need to rely on ordinary lenses when you have UV lenses that are tailor-made to block up to 98% of UV rays from entering the eyes. No need to worry about UV rays when you have lenses made specifically for the UV rays. 

Hipoptical Is Your One-Stop for Optical Lenses

No matter what type of optical lens you opt for, we have a wide collection in our inventory to make all types of glasses available for purchase. Search for your desired glasses on our platform and place the order right away. Whether it is your favorite optical lenses or some specific lens prescribed by your ophthalmologist, we have all of them. 

Why Purchase With Us?

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Convenient Order Process

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The Bottom Line

Whether you are fond of wearing stylish glasses or have been prescribed to wear a certain type of vision lenses for improved vision, choosing the right frame for your glasses is always important. Take your time to look for the optical lenses that fit your needs and requirements.