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Order eyeglasses online from classical to fashionable 

Planning to order eyeglasses online? Check out our recent collection that ensures both comfortability and trendy spectacles for you. 

Finding the right pair of glasses may be one of the challenging jobs for the goggles or glasses’ lovers as markets, either local or online, are loaded with a great collection of glasses. Though people have different choices and preferences, HipOptical offers a wide array of glasses from where you can choose the right one for you. 

How to find the perfect shades and hue

Choosing shades and colors that perfectly match your face shape is really a daunting task. However, our wonderful collection allows you to pick the right one for you where you can choose colors and style based on your face shape. From a great assortment of shapes, frames, and colors, you can choose spectacles for you, from everyday use to sunglasses for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.  

Eye Exams and Prescription glasses – how to find trendy Prescription glasses given by your eye doctor 

Gone are the days when prescription glasses mean a pair of glasses with a typical round or rectangular shaped frame. It is time to get prescription glasses that give you a stylish look. 

Eye exams should be done regularly and it is one of the prerequisites of ensuring good optical health.  Just upload your prescriptions and our expert opticians will make trendy prescription glasses that not only provides perfect lenses but also ensures good looking. Additionally, if your glasses need prism, our licensed optometric physician will analyze the prescription and craft your customized lenses.  So, do not worry. No matter whether you are looking for sunglasses for sun protection or prescription glasses for everyday use, Hip Optical has the perfect choice for you.

Confused to order prescription eyeglasses online?

Interestingly the journey of HipOptical starts with the mission to solve the issue of prescription eyeglasses that are generally thought unfashionable and poorly designed. HipOptical begins its venture, especially for making a quality design for prescription eyeglasses at an affordable price. The price of all types of sunglasses including prescription eyeglasses is under $107. Lastly, but not the least, all the prescription glasses are made in the USA and shipped to you in less than a week. 

Get prescription eyewear at an affordable price.


Buy glasses online with Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are a special type of lens that darkens automatically on exposure to light while remaining transparent or coming to the clear state in the absence of activating light. You can call it 2 in 1 glasses!! You can get any photochromic glasses under $87.

No Compromise on Quality - Hip Optical ensures high-end design with high quality and perfect finishing.

Finding the right Frame Size 

Struggling to find the right frame sizes for your glasses? Or wondering which frame will suit you?   For finding the accurate frame size, analyze the numbers of lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length of your current glasses, which is generally written in the temple arm of the glasses. If you are not wearing glasses right now, quickly explore our frame sizes attached with the description of each eyeglass.   You can also compare your existing frame sizes with our version. 

Ordering glasses online has never been so easy with our easy frame size guide.

 Lens Types 

After deciding the frame size, you should focus on the types of lenses. Understanding lens types is an essential thing for people who need glasses. Types of lenses can be divided into two ways – 

The corrective power of the lenses (Single vision vs multifocal lenses or progressive lenses)

The material used to made the lenses

Single vision vs multifocal lenses 

Get perfect eyeglasses from quality prescription

Single vision lenses are the most common type of lens that has only one corrective power throughout the whole lens while multifocal lenses come with two or more corrective powers. Single vision lenses are generally used for reading glasses and treating nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia). On the other hand, progressive lenses have several lens powers than bifocals or trifocals and also designed for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and everything in between these two. 


Lens Materials 

Order eyeglasses online with high-quality lens materials. 

As technology proceeds so do lens materials. Earlier most eyeglasses are made with glass which is thicker and prone to breaking. Though glass provides a good vision, modern technology made it possible to ensure high-quality plastics as lens materials that are not only durable but also lighter, thinner, stretch-resistant and protects from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

All our lenses are made with impact-resistant lenses. 

Plastic lenses: Plastic lenses are the most common and affordable choice. It is suggested for the people with basic prescriptions up to +/-1.75. Not to mention that these lenses are lightweight, ensures longevity, and gives protection from UV rays, making it one of the best options for the majority of people including children and athletes. However, if doctors provide you a strong prescription, you should go for different lenses. 

Polycarbonate: These lenses are impact-resistant and lighter than plastic. Best for kids and people with higher prescriptions (up to +/- 4.00). The UV protection makes it perfect for people who love outdoor experience while the heavy-duty design and lightweight features make it suitable for children and people who love to lead an active lifestyle.

High Index lenses: With the emergence of the demand for lighter and thinner glasses, many manufacturers come with High-Index glasses. So does Hip Optical. There are generally two types of high-index lenses- High Index 1.67 and High Index 1.74. 

High Index 1.67 are 45% lighter and recommended for higher prescriptions ( up to +/-9) while High Index 1.74 is the thinnest and suggested for people with high prescriptions. 

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized glasses eliminate glare and reflection and improve contrast and visual clarity.

Polarized glasses include a laminated filter that blocks the horizontally oriented light and allows vertically oriented light to pass through. Glare is almost eliminated because of the blocking of horizontally-oriented light. Polarized lenses are best for swimmers and people who love outdoor activities. 

As polarized lenses eliminate glares from the surface like water, glass, and snow, it improves clarity and vision. Therefore, it is best for driving, and sports in water or snow where reflection is high. In sports like swimming, participants are suggested to wear polarized glasses as it can help them to see clearly by avoiding other potential hazards. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy true perceptions of color. In Hip Optical, you will find a wide selection of polarized glasses where darker colors give a higher level of polarization. 

All polarized glasses are under $87. 

Understanding Eyeglass lens coating and buy glasses online

Like plenty of different lenses, there are plenty of eyeglass lens coatings. 

Anti-reflective coating: As the name suggests, you can guess this type of coating reduces reflections and eliminates glare. It also allows more light to pass through your lenses, ensuring clarity, especially at night. Moreover, it helps eye-contact and reduces distraction.

Scratch-resistant: All our lenses are scratch-resistant. 

Ultraviolet Protection: Hip Optical offers 100% UV protection. 

Mirror coating: Our mirror coating glasses ensure excellent reflective optical coating on the outside of the lenses, making the lenses a small mirror from the outside. Like polarized glasses, mirror coating or flash coating reduces glare from surfaces like water, metal, and more.

Tinted or Colored lenses: Tinted lenses are not a fashion anymore. It is a vital thing nowadays. A high end tinted glasses not only give protection from harmful UV radiation but also help you to experience high-contrast vision.

So, Hurry Up, pick the right lenses that perfectly match your lifestyle.