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Trendsetting customized prescription glasses from Hip Optical, now just a click away! 

Give your beautiful pair of eyes the perfect eyeglasses it deserves! You may not know when you require prescription eyeglasses online for a clear vision and for long hours too. Whether you experience blur vision or have trouble seeing at far off things, consult an optometrist at the earliest. We offer high-quality prescription glasses and contact lenses for those who want to get top-notch vision. Check out the range of men and women eyewear from Hip Optical to suit your face cut, style, and your optical requirement. We take special care for you to see crystal-clear! Our customer service team shall see to it that you get your choice of eyeglasses in no time. 

Our Prescription Eyeglasses are

  • With superior acetate and stainless steel frames
  • Thin Polycarbonate lenses
  • Full and half-frame glasses
  • Interlocking hinges, barrel hinges, and spring hinges 
  • Comfortable nose bridge for no-slip grip

We urge you to get your eye exams and accurate pupillary distance. Upon entering these details with your prescription, you can avail of a perfect set of eyeglasses from our shop within a week. 

The Easy Steps to Get Prescription Glasses Online

Get the perfect pair of glasses from Hip Optical by following these simple steps:

  • Click for glasses for men or women and browse through our collection
  • Select the styles of glasses as per your requirement
  • Know your face shape
  • Select the right frame as per the face shape
  • Take a snap of your prescription and upload it before checking out

All our customized glasses will be shipped in less than a week.

Decoding the Prescription Glasses Numbers

As you consult the optician or an optometrist, you will see him write down notes with numbers. These could be anything from a pupillary distance, to whether you need a cylindrical lens or a spherical lens. Let us help you know more about these in detail:

Multifocal or Progressive Glasses: They are ideal for those who need clarity for driving, reading, or even watching movies. Progressive or multifocal glasses are usually for people above the age of 40 or who find it difficult to read the fine print. There is no thin line in the middle of the glass, unlike the bifocal glass. You may get an ADD number on the prescription. This refers to the Additive power and could be next to the + or – symbol. At Hip Optical, we check these and can even talk to your optometrist for more precise power and clear vision.

Bifocal Glasses: If you are facing problems like Presbyopia, you will want to read prints from more than your arm’s length. However, with bifocal glasses, you can read and see anything from all distances. The bifocal lenses come with a thin line running through the center of the glasses. Bifocals and trifocals have wider glasses to make the reading on computers or paperbacks effortless.

Trifocal Glasses: Trifocals are, on the other hand, placed higher, and the line might be somewhere near the lower margin of the pupil. We also focus on offering a diverse range of D-trifocal or multifocal glasses for those working on the computers or video editing line. They are great for a diverse range of near and far range of vision.

Pupillary Distance (PD): We take care to know the PD to cut the lenses perfectly and suit the frames. The PD measurement is taken by knowing the distance between the centers of one pupil to the other. 

When you plan to buy glasses online, understand the numbers such as 45-21-144, where the first number refers to the lens width, second is the measurement of a bridge, and the final figure is the temple length. Unless you get these numbers right, the frame may slip and fall or, worse, press hard against your temples. 

Glasses for All!

As a one-stop destination for eyewear, we, at Hip Optical, have all these types of glass lenses and frames. Our glasses are available across all price ranges and suitable for the people of all age groups. Whether you need prescription glasses for yourself or your child, just let us know. In case of any specific requirements, we are here at your help. You may get lenses for reading on computers without putting much strain on the eyes. Our glasses are light in weight and hence not cause any mark of pressure on the bridge of the nose. 

Let’s Size it Right! 

Find the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses online in the Bifocal or Trifocal range. We understand that the line of bifocals rests at the same level as the lower eyelid of a user. While reading, your angle changes, and this is where the need shifts to get the ultimate near vision. 

Glass size on one side, you also need to know your exact face shape to get the most appropriate and stunning glass frames. Hip Optical is with you to select the best suitable frames based on your face cut.

Round: If your face is round and less of sharp features, getting a rectangular frame for the eyeglasses online makes sense. It will make your face look thin and sharper. You can pick from our gold and other stainless steel frames to suit your budget and style quotient.

Oval: If your forehead is wider than your chin and lesser cheek portion, go for the cat-eye, aviator, rectangular, or even the round glasses. However, our recommendation is for the glasses that extend on the sides to give the face a more balanced look.

Heart: If your face tapers to the chin area and the forehead is wide, you can pick the aviators’ glasses for yourself. Even the now-trending square frames or rectangular frames would be suitable to complement your features.

Square: The square-shaped face means you have a broad forehead and angular square jawline. To make these features soft, going for oval or round frames is the best. 

Best Lens To Eye For! 

Shopping at Hip Optical is easy and affordable with style. Get the best deals from time to time on the purchase of prescription glasses. These glasses come with varied lens styles and coating that make our glasses durable.

Photochromic/ Light Reactive

This modern-day solution is for those who wear eyeglasses but in the sunny outdoors. It gets UV coating to make the lens dark when you step outdoors. It is available for bifocal, trifocal, and single vision lenses. The photochromatic lens is ideal for a person having a vision problem and cannot go for regular or sunglasses when outdoors. It is also suitable for those who squint against the sun and need some sunlight-blocking measures. The 100% UV protection will work on cloudy outdoors and turn the glass dark. But it may not work if you are inside a car and driving. Our penchant at picking only the top brands of photochromic lenses on glasses has made us the top choice in the market.

Blue Light Reduction

While working on the computer or playing games on the mobile phone, you might want to reduce the strain on the eyes. Get yourself the prescription eyeglasses with a blue light reduction. This technology dulls the brightness while ensuring the harsh LED lights dim a bit. This blue light does reading and watching on your VR device and smartphones much practical.

Impact Resistant

We include a vast range of child-safe eyeglasses. These glasses are resistant to impact and scratch due to falls. Older people and children, or just about anybody who leads the life recklessly, can get this type, which is worth their weight in gold.


Imagine walking out on a cold wintry rainy night, and all you see is a bouquet of car lights on the road. Getting anti-reflective and anti-glare lenses for your glasses will help you see clearer and not blur. Looking at the lights will become clearer. It is also essential to go for anti-reflective glasses if you are seeking scratch-resistant glasses. 

Frames to Suit You

Pick from the best styles of frames like the aviators, cat-eye, and the square ones. You can also check out the funky plastic ones to give you a quirky edge, or the stainless steel ones to give you more persona. Feel free to go through our site and pick the best design to get a perfect pair of eyeglasses online.