Prescription EyewearEveryone deserves good vision, and prescription eyewear is a perfect choice for people with vision defects. Prescription glasses are designed precisely to match the sight flaws of the wearer. Sometimes, an eye might slowly lose its accommodation power. Consequently, the affected person is unable to see objects comfortably and distinctly.

Blurred vision is caused by the eyes refractive defects, which mainly include Presbyopia, Hypermetropia, and myopia. But these sight flaws can be rectified using appropriate eyewear. At Hip Optical, we believe that everyone deserves to look great while putting on suitable glasses. Besides, every person should access high-quality, yet affordable eyewear.

You can express all your personality facets with our cost-effective glasses in every color, shape, and style imaginable. Once we receive your prescription eyewear, we shall have them individually crafted using our state of the art facility and later shipped to you.

Single Vision

Single vision is the most widely recognized kind of prescription lens. The lens features one prescription power or a single vision field all through the whole lens. These design qualities enable it to correct farsightedness or nearsightedness. 

Single-vision lenses can be employed for reading glasses. People usually acquire their reading glasses either over the counter or through prescription. It is worth noting that non-prescription glasses mostly have the same power for both eyes. 

So they are made with powers such as +2.50, +2.00, +1.50, or +1.00. They could also have quarter steps between these intervals. However, prescription reading eyewear is custom made to you. This means it requires some maths to order.

But you don’t need to worry about this! Our custom check process saves you the ordeal by allowing you to send your prescription photo to us. Alternatively, we don’t mind connecting us with your doctor. We shall call on your behalf and get the prescription. Then we shall make your prescription eyewear and have it shipped to you within a week.

Discover your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is necessary when it comes to acquiring prescription glasses that fit you perfectly. Knowing your face shape helps you to shop for the recommended eyewear frames that compliment your shape. Here is a quick face shape guide:


The face of a person with a heart face shape is broadest at the forehead. Then it narrows gradually toward the jawline. To look amazing, you should wear glasses that don’t imitate your shape face. So stick to smaller aviator, square, and rectangular eyewear.


With an oval shape, the face length is greater than the width of the cheekbones. So your facial features are balanced by having a rounded jawline and a forehead that is fairly broader than the chin. The amazing thing about having an oval face shape is that you will look good with almost any frame. So you can shop for a round, rectangular, cat-eye, or aviator style.


The width of the cheeks, forehead, and jaw of a round face is almost the same. This means one has soft features with a more rounded and less angular shape. To improve your vision and, at the same time, feel and look great, go for rectangular glasses. They will lengthen and slim your face's look.


A square face is proportional to width and length. The uniqueness of this shape comes from the face angles, such as a squared jawline and broad forehead. People with square faces can soften their angels by wearing oval or round eyewear.

High-Quality Prescription Eyewear

You should never compromise matters regarding your sight. Everyone deserves a good vision at reasonable costs. The need to help people realize good sight has resulted in numerous manufacturers of prescription eyewear around the world.

The fact is some big eyewear companies design substandard prescription eyewear. Others set their prices so high. 

But here at Hip Optical, we are different. We design high-quality glasses at affordable prices. We believe that accessing prescription glasses is a fundamental right. Besides, this right ought to be afforded to every person in the world, regardless of their status or where they live.

We pride in having a solid background in designing high-quality eyewear. Our philosophy is to deliver superior eyewear at ground-breaking prices. Glasses not only extend an individual’s personality but also enable people to express their style. Along these lines, prescription glasses are a right that everyone should access. 

We employ on-trend and high-end designing techniques using superior material to deliver varied and unique frames. We specialize in creating eyewear, whose quality and prices are unmatched. Besides making affordable and accessible prescription eyewear, our drive is to create unique and superior designs that enable wearers to express themselves.

At Hip Optical, we hope you will enjoy our unique designs, friendly prices, and high-quality eyewear.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance constitutes health plans that are designed to minimize the costs of prescription eyewear and routine eye care. Most insurance plans related to vision are packaged as wellness benefit plans or discount plans. This means that they offer discounts and specific benefits for a yearly premium.

In essence, these insurance plans save you money just like gift cards do. It is for this reason that you can use vision insurance to cover a significant amount of your eyewear cost. Before acquiring vision insurance, you should understand the benefits and costs of different plans. This will help you to select the most appropriate plan.

Hip Optical accepts the Health Saving Account and Flexible Saving Account dollars. Once you make a purchase, we issue you a detailed receipt that you can utilize for reimbursement from your insurer.

It is worth noting that many insurance covers, including Vision Service Plans lack in-network benefits. But we always provide our customers with detailed receipts that they can submit to their providers to be reimbursed.

Order Glasses Online

Sometimes, purchasing prescription eyewear can be difficult. People who wear eyeglasses understand how challenging it can be, especially when doing it for the first time. However, at Hip Optical, we have a simplified way of ordering your glasses online.  

All you need is your latest prescription and little assistance from us, that is, where needed. To make it easy to receive your prescription, we utilize a custom checkout process. This allows you to send your prescription photo to us. 

After receiving your specifications, we manufacture prescription lenses in our state of the art lens labs in the USA. It takes us 1 to 3 days to make all kinds of single vision lenses. On the other hand, manufacturing progressive lenses takes between 3 to 5 days.

We offer free shipping services in the US. The shipment of your prescription eyewear takes 2 to 7 working days in the USA. Besides, we have a tracking system that allows you to know the whereabouts of your glasses until you receive them. 

Eye Doctor

Ophthalmologists and optometrists are eye doctors who are skilled in diagnosing vision problems and prescribing the right management measures. These physicians play a significant role in examining one's sense of sight. When refractive errors are detected, optometrists correct such problems by prescribing appropriate eyeglasses. 

Sometime, you may need to consult your eye doctor to get the exact prescription. In this regard, we don’t mind contacting the doctor on your behalf. You just need to link us to your doctor, and we shall get your prescription.

Over time, your vision may change. So it is vital to make regular visits to your eye doctor. After getting your prescription for eyeglasses, you can apply for vision insurance.

Pupillary Distance

Pupillary Distance (PD) constitutes the distance (in millimetres) between the center points of eye pupils of one’s eyes. To order your prescription eyewear, you should be aware of your pupillary distance. Sometimes, your prescription may include your PD. If your case is different, you need not worry about it. 

We shall help you out in measuring your pupillary distance. We usually measure your PD using a photo that is captured using our facial recognition software. The photo is taken during the checkout process. The software helps us to achieve extreme accuracy in determining your pupillary distance.

Wrap Up

Prescription eyewear not only improves your sight but also helps you to look great. Finding the perfect glasses that match your face shape will enable you to express your style and feel good. At Hip Optical, we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible vision you can have. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality designs at budget-friendly costs. 

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