Prescription Glasses Frames

Are you searching for the perfect prescription glass frame? You are not alone! The Vision Council of America estimated that 75% of us need glasses. This means three out of every four of us require vision correction to some degree. With so many people requiring vision correction, prescription glasses frames are no longer only used for eye-health benefits but also for fashion.

It makes sense.

Your face is your money-maker. It is your most valuable asset. Whether you are looking to make friends, impress your boss, stand out or fit in, your appearance, especially your face can say a lot about you. When it comes to face-to-face conversation, over 65% of communication is done nonverbally through facial appearance and expression. Since your facial appearance is important in your day-to-day life, it is important you don't pair it with ugly frames that send a wrong message about you. You need frames that complement your face shape as well as your fashion choices.

What To Consider When Buying Prescription Glasses Frames?

We've seen it many times before! Buying the right prescription glasses frames can be harder than it looks. You need to get it right to avoid buying new frames every month. Below, we've highlighted some common considerations when buying new glass frames.


There are men glass frames as well as women glass frames. You need the right frame for your gender. This is mostly because men and women have different facial structures.

Face Shape

Human face can be categorized into several face shapes such as round, square, oval, and even diamond-shaped face. When you figure out your face shape, it makes it easier to order the right frame online.

Frame Color

Frames come in various colors. Look out for your favorite color so you can wear your glasses with pride.

Frame Material

 Don't just choose cheap plastic because it is cheap. Choose a material that can last for a long time and give comfort to your sensitive skin.

Personal Style

Everyone has a personal style when it comes to fashion. We also recommend you consider your professional needs when choosing your prescription glass frame. 


The best frames don't come at cheapest prices neither should you break the bank to buy them. You can still get frames that make you look good at a competitive rate. 


4 Best Types of Glasses Frame

Full-Rimmed Frame


Whether you are in the market for prescription glasses or contact lenses, full frames are a great option when you are looking to highlight your eyes. Most women love this type of frame because it shows off their beautiful eyes and even their well-done lashes in a very attractive way. Besides, full frames are well-known for being sturdy. If you have been prescribed thicker lenses, you definitely need a full-frame to accommodate those lenses. From acetate and plastic to metal and titanium, you can get a full-frame in all frame materials. 

Semi-Rimless Frame

Semi-rimless frames are perfect for those that want to accentuate the upper half of the face. This type of frame outlines the top portion of the lens and offers a sophisticated appearance as well as superior comfort. Perhaps, the best thing about them is that they combine the minimalism of rimless frames with full-rim durability. Semi-rimless frames are generally more lightweight compared to their full-rimmed counterparts.

Rimless Frame

Rimless frames are one of the latest frame designs in the industry. It provides unmatched simplicity and class. Just like the name sounds, this type of frame comes without rims but are composed of just the temples and nose bridge. If you love looking classy, you will love this frame type. It is more delicate compared to other types of frames we already mentioned above but it provides the largest field of vision in addition to their beauty. Rimless frames are very lightweight and can easily complement your fashion style.

Low Bride Frames

For most people with lower nose bridge, they constantly find themselves battling with their frames when it gets misaligned or about to slide away. With low bridge frames, you can finally put a stop to this annoying problem. Low bridge frames complement every fashion style while ensuring that your frame doesn't get misaligned or slide away.

Glasses and Frame Types To Consider


Reading Glasses

Most people require glasses for reading, especially people suffering from near-vision. With a reading lens, the object you are reading becomes magnified and you can read more comfortably. Your doctor can prescribe a lens for you. You can as well find out the type of lens you need through trial-and-error. Once you know the right prescription for you, you can then order your glasses online. It is usually less expensive to buy your reading glasses frame online. Modern reading glasses are becoming very fashionable. Most online eyeglasses stores such as Hipoptical provides designer frames for reading glasses to make you stand out. With designer frames, you can wear your reading glasses whether you want to read or just show off your fashion style.

Computer Glasses

If you constantly get a headache after working a long time on your computer, you need computer glasses. The blue light from your computer screen puts a lot of stress on your eyes. This can be corrected by wearing computer glasses with lenses that have a focal length set at arm's length and also comes with anti-reflective (AR) coating. With technology will reduce the glare from your screen. Every computer glass deserves the right frame. 

Sunglasses For Your Eyes

Ever wished that your crystal clear fashion glasses will turn into sunglasses under sunlight? This is now possible and it is not magic! With photochromic lenses, your lenses are crystal clear when you are indoors and automatically darkens in sunlight. It is a great way to wear your glasses all day without ever taking them off. With a comfortable frame, you can use your photochromic glasses for indoor and outdoor activities.


Sunlight can be extremely bright especially during the summer months. Polarized lenses are an excellent choice for driving under a bright sun. These glasses, when combined with the right frames, are perfect for most types of outdoor activities. You can always get them in different colors and tint levels.

Frame Materials For Your Prescription Glasses

Choosing the right frame material for your contact lenses can make a lot of difference. Below, we've listed some of the best frame materials to make you stand out:


Most eyeglass wearers choose plastic material because of its lightweight nature. The bridge fittings of this material spread the weight of glasses evenly. It comes in a variety of colors and styles and it is perfect for full-time frame wearers.

Stainless Steel and Titanium

These timeless materials are known for their sturdiness. They are also lightweight and very reliable even in humid conditions. Frames that come with this material are easily adjustable and also resistant to corrosion. You can always count on this material to provide comfort for your sensitive skin.

Monel Metal

This allows material to be lightweight and resists corrosion. It is one of the most widely used frame materials. You can get them in a variety of colors and styles to complement your fashion.

Carbon Fiber

With a reputation as the most lightweight, carbon fiber frame material is known as a cutting edge textile perfect for people with an active lifestyle. This is a frame that comes from the latest technology in the industry. It is known for its flexibility and sturdiness.  

Where to Shop for Your Glasses Online?

Shopping for frames online can be tough, especially if this is your first time. It is important that you order your glasses from a trusted vendor. Hipoptical - an online eyeglasses shop for people with style provides the latest and high-quality prescription glasses frames and glasses at a very competitive rate.