Prescription Lenses

Are you having a chronic eye problem? Do your eyes weep on their own upon exposure to too much light? Then it is advisable you visit an optician to assess the situation. The optician will examine your eyes and tell you exactly what the problem is. In case your eyes require lenses to aid your vision, they will prescribe for you lenses that will suit the situation at hand. Several prescription lenses could aid your eyes differently, depending on the situation. 

Single Vision Lenses

They are ultimately the standard prescription lens available. They have only one field of vision that corrects farsightedness or nearsightedness. These single vision lenses are very useful in reading. The reading glasses can be over the counter or a prescription by an optician. Reading glasses from over the counter will usually have the same power for both eyes.

However, the prescription ones will be tailored-made for your eyes specifically. Some people require distance prescription glasses as well as the reading glasses. Instead of having two separate pairs for these functions, the progressives or bifocals lens can be used. These are multifocal lenses meaning that they have several points of focus. They can be used for reading and also distance at the same time.

Bifocals Lens Type

These are the glasses that will conjure two stereotypical images. With these lenses, you are offered two viewing areas. There is an extensive viewing area which is usually for distance and another small space used for reading. 

These lenses may be somehow problematic for first-timers before one can fully adjust. That is because one has to adapt to moving his eyes when they are reading and if they need to see far or near. If you wish to get used to these prescription glasses, then the ideal solution is putting them on more often.

Progressive Lenses

They are glasses with multi-focal lenses. They have three viewing areas which include near-vision, intermediate and distance. These progressive lenses are different from bifocals in that no visible lines are separating the viewing areas. They have an invisible and seamless design whereby the power seems to alternate progressively throughout the lens.

People at times will confuse these lenses with the bifocal and trifocal ones. However, it is vital to note that the others have a visible line separating the regions while progressive lens does not have a visible line.

Progressives will often be prescribed for aged people around 40+ years. Typically, they are already prescribed the distance glasses, and now they need to have reading glasses as well as glasses for use when on electronics. Now instead of having a pair of glasses for each of these objectives, the progressives will offer all the three functions one time.

The significant viewing area in these lenses is for distance. A smaller area on the glass is used for near vision while another small portion is for intermediate vision. There are standard progressives that are ideal, and they have put more emphasis on vision-distance activities such as walking and driving.

Such glasses will also have adequate room in the lens that will be used for near-vision and be quite helpful in computer use and reading. The lobes of the progressives are usually blurry so that they can attain the invisible design—the clearest part of the progressive lenses is the centre part from top to bottom.

Usually, there is an adjustment period for new users of progressives. Ensure you put on the progressives daily in the initial 2-3 weeks for you to be acquainted with the lenses. You can consider putting them on for 1 hour the first day and increase gradually to two, three hours until you feel comfortable in the glasses. 

However, even for the experienced wearers, new shades will require time to adjust because the progressives are not all the same. They differ in different aspects such as shape and size. 

Workspace Progressives

They are specialized progressives with lenses that are made for up-close activities either at home or work. For the regular progressive wearers, you already know how it can be a headache at times, finding the viewing areas where the images are clear when in up-close situations. Workspace progressives will supplement these standard progressives giving the user visual clarity and more comfort in such circumstances. There are two types of workspace progressives that you can get, which include mid-range progressives and near-range progressives.

Near-range progressives will offer you visual clarity and comfort within 3 feet. These prescription glasses are perfect for people who spend long hours working on computers or someone who spends the entire day at a confined workspace. Since these glasses have a vast field of up-close sight, the lenses are ideal for long reading hours, heavy computer reading, continued use of mobiles and tablets as well as detailed works like sewing.

Mid-range progressives will have more precise and comfortable visions for 10-14 feet distances. The lens is made to aid those who wish to see everything in a room more clearly. People working in offices can make good use of these lenses as not only will they be able to work on the computer with them, but they will also see the entire conference room during a meeting.

Order Glasses Online

So in case you have some eyesight problems such as eye strain, short pupillary distance, you can order glasses online that will suit the exact problem you are having. It would help if you were sure the lens type you order as you do not want to purchase something different from what you desire. Some glasses will have a scratch-resistant coating while others will have an anti-reflective coating; all these are issues you could consider before deciding the perfect lens for your eyes in the United States.

In case you are always affected by oncoming traffic lights while driving at night, you could look for night driving glasses to reduce the impact of that light. Other glasses that can be ordered online include the ones with UV protection to cover your eyes.

Bottom Line

Prescription glasses will aid your eyes a lot and more so if you find your eyes straining most of the time. However, it is lucrative first to find out what the main problem is with your eyes before ordering for glasses online. You could visit an optician who will examine you and let you know what type of lenses to go for.