Prescription Glasses Online 

When we think about sunglasses, the very first thing that comes to our mind is style. We are very clear about the fact that sunglasses are meant to serve a function, but we are not clear about the importance of wearing sunglasses every time we go outside. Apart from style, there are many reasons to wear sunglasses. In this article, we will tell you why it is a wiser decision to buy prescription sunglasses, what benefits do they have, what are the advantages of buying prescription sunglasses online and much more. So, without any further due, let's get to it.  

Why Prescription Sunglasses?  

If you want to have a clear and comfortable vision when you are out in the sun, driving, walking, or just sitting, then prescription sunglasses are the best option out in the market. They are known for eliminating glare in the best way possible, so you don't have to squint even in the brightest conditions. As a result, there is no strain on the eyes, and the chances of getting an eyesight problem is reduced by miles.   

If you use contact lenses or non-prescription glasses, there can be several occasions when they can cause discomfort. For example, on the beach, the contact lenses dry out because your eyes are constantly fighting the sand, sun, wind, and the water all at once. This is where prescription sunglasses come in handy. You can wear them all day long without the fear of facing any discomfort, and you can enjoy your day to the maximum.  

Protect Your Eyes While Driving on A Sunny Day  

We know how inconvenient it is to drive on a sunny day. And we know that you go through much hassle to tackle the bright and glaring sunlight. Some of you might have clip-on sunglasses. But having them is not an effective solution. These can leave scratches on your lenses and are often difficult to put on.  

Some of you might own a pair of prescription glasses that are equipped with photochromic lenses (the ones that get dark when you are outside). But they are also not very good at getting dark when you are driving. The reason is that not all the sun's ultraviolet rays pass through your vehicle's windshield.   

So, when it comes to complete UV protection, the best contender is a pair of prescription glasses, and buying them would be a wise choice.   

What to Consider in The Selection of Prescription Sunglasses?  

Just like normal sunglasses, prescription sunglasses are also available in different shapes and types. So, you need to be careful in accounting each and every feature, because each feature comes with an additional cost.  


When it comes to frames, most of them are made up of either metal or plastic. If we compare plastic and metal in terms of strength, metal would obviously take the lead. This is why metal frames are a bit expensive as compared to plastic ones.  


If protection is what you are looking for, then full-frames would be the best choice. But that does not mean that Half-frame glasses are not going to protect you. They are lighter than the full-frames and still offer quite good protection. Frameless prescription sunglasses are usually lighter.  


Another important feature in the architecture of these glasses are the hinges. You might find some types of hinges in metal frames and others in plastic frames only.  

Barrel Hinges

Barrel Hinges comes with a part that is held in place with the help of a screw, and they usually have a longer life.  

Interlocking Hinges

Similar to Barrel Hinges, Interlocking Hinges are already the part of the frame.  

Spring Hinges

Sometimes, instead of a screw, frames use spring hinges. They usually give a better fit.  


The primary goal of buying prescription glasses should be the proper positioning of glasses in front of your eyes. Fashion should be secondary. If you already have glasses that are of proper fit to you, check its measurements and get the new one according to this measurement. Not sure what should be the suitable frame size for you? The width of your face is the answer. It will assist you in finding the best frame size for you.  

Advantage of buying Prescription Sunglasses Online  

There are tons of online stores where you can buy prescription Sunglasses. Let's see what the benefits of buying a pair online are.  

Lesser Cost  

 The best part of buying prescription sunglasses online is that you can get them at a discounted price. Most of the online shops' design and manufacture their frames all by themselves, which means that there is not going to be a middle man involved in the purchase. It can save you a lot of money.   

More Options  

 You are going to find a vast range of prescription glasses online. And buying online does not mean that you are going to compromise on the quality. The lenses that are offered by the online stores are of high quality. Plus, you can spend your time scrolling through all the frames till you find the one that you like the most.  

Some stores even offer a feature where you can upload a picture of your face and then show how a frame would look on you. Isn't that amazing?  

Fast and Convenient  

Not much of an outgoing person? Then buying prescription glasses online is what you should do. You don't have to get ready and drive to an outlet; just order a pair online while you are chilling on your couch in your pajamas.  

 Lens Material

Prescription sunglass lenses are made from different types of materials, and you must find the one that suits you the best. For that, you want to find out what you want from your glasses. Some people would want sunglasses that resist shattering. Polycarbonate lenses would be the best option. They are usually made up of strong and highly impact-resistant plastic.   

There is also another type of material known as Trivex that was originally developed to make shatterproof helicopter windshields and fighter jet canopies. Nowadays, prescription sunglasses lenses are made from this material. It is light and very tough material.  

Sunglasses are also made from glasses that are proved best for correcting any refractive errors. But they come with a major drawback; they are heavy and can shatter quite easily. But if you are convinced that you need precise prescription specifications that can also give you excellent UV protection, you can always opt for them.   

Some people have very high eyeglass prescriptions, and they need thicker lenses to see clearly. For them, it is best if they acquire high-index prescription sunglasses. These glasses come with lenses that bend the light quite efficiently and need lesser material as compared to other glasses. This makes High-index glasses thinner and lighter than conventional lenses. 

Buying Tips

The fact that prescription sunglasses are not going to be your primary eyeglasses should make you put less care in their selection. Following are some tips that you should always follow: 

Get an eye exam

Always make sure that whenever you buy any new eyeglasses, you go through an eye exam. Get your pupillary distance measured so that the center of your lenses is accurately positioned. 

Try Sample Sunglasses

 If you are thinking of getting prescribed lenses installed in your current eyeglass frame, then you need to remember, not all the frames look good with dark glasses.

You rely on your eyes in almost every task of your life. They help you to maintain your independence and enable you to do anything that you love. Your eyes are one of the most important organs of your body, and they are also the most fragile. So, it is necessary for you to take good care of them. Prescription sunglasses help you to look after them and make sure that your eyesight stays strong. 

In this article, we tried to tell you everything you need to know about prescription sunglasses. From the benefits of having a pair, to why buying prescription sunglasses online, everything was almost touched in this article. We hope this article has cleared up your mind and answered all your questions regarding these sunglasses. Now, whether you want to buy one or not, the decision is entirely yours. Stay healthy, and keep enjoying the beautiful views of this world.