Reading GlassesWhen you cross the age group of 40, the natural lenses in your eyes start losing their potential. They fail to transition between far and near vision. Wide range of people around the world face problems with their near vision or age-related farsightedness that is technically called as presbyopia.

Studies reveal that almost every person experiences presbyopia at some stage in life; however, the condition becomes more troublesome for a few patients. Reports say that around 2 billion people around the world are suffering from presbyopia; that counts to the fourth part of the world’s population. Although it is a normal change that happens to our eyes with age, if you follow the right guidelines, you can maintain a vision for long.

One of the most commonly recommended solutions to treat presbyopia is the use of reading glasses or progressive lenses. The optical shops have many varieties in this category, and they can help you find something more suitable to your needs. If you are suffering from headaches, blurred vision, or eye strain, it is the right time to visit optometrists to find the best solution for your condition.

What are the reading glasses?

Reading glasses are one of the most common and easily available solutions to vision issues. These are basically some non-prescription lenses that allow users to read the text on pages or device screen with magnification. Your eyes find it easier to focus on the larger text and can read faster. Hence, the eye strain gets reduced, and the reading hours become more comfortable.

You might have seen some people wearing very slim glasses that they place at the end of their nose while reading books; these are the reading glasses. It is important to mention that the latest designs of glasses also allow people to look at the farther things via the upper portion. These progressive glasses can help you to maintain a perfect vision for near and far without switching between glasses.

Reading glasses are the perfect choice for those who spend more time doing activities that put a strain on their eyes. The list includes reading, sewing, drawing, seeing the text on mobile, and many more. If you are suffering from headaches while doing such activities or the eyes feel tired while reading, chances are that you need reading glasses.

You will be happy to hear that the latest collection of reading glasses are also capable enough to protect you from the harsh UV rays. People that are already suffering from presbyopia may need glasses even when they are relaxing outdoors. The latest progressive reading glasses come with a tint that can protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Hence, there is no need to switch between different glasses. You can find all in one solution in your reading glasses.

Types of reading glasses you can buy

When you are not able to read material that is close to your eyes and need to stretch your arms to a certain limit, it is better to get reading glasses. They are currently available in two different styles:

You can either go for full-frame designs where the entire lens is designed to serve your specific reading prescription.

People who spend most of their routine time concentrating on material close to their eyes may need full reading glasses. These specially designed glasses can help you avail a better field of view so that you can read well. But, in case if you try to look through the room with these glasses, things will appear blurry.

On the other side, the half-eye reading glasses allow people to look down for managing the near work. They can look up, over the glasses to maintain perfect vision on distance.

The reading glasses can help you better to read a bill in the restaurant and to check the details on your credit card or debit card while making payments.

Those who spend more time outdoors can also think of buying reading glasses with specialized UV protection.

Why go for custom-made reading glasses?

It is also possible to customize the reading glasses as per the unique requirements of an individual. Although you can find the ready-made collection with pharmacy stores, some websites online are ready to serve your custom needs as well.

You can place an order for custom made glasses to meet your specific style and look. We understand that one size fits all policy cannot be applied to the eye wears. The design and shape must change as per the individual face shape and requirements. So, ordering a custom pair of reading glasses is always a great feeling.

There are so many features that you can add to custom made reading glasses; the list includes:

Anti-reflective coating is one of the prime needs as it eliminates the strain on eyes due to distracting lens reflections.

You can also place an order for Photochromatic lenses that are capable enough to protect your eyes from high energy blue light from digital gadgets and UV rays. These glasses darken automatically when you move outdoors to protect the harm caused by direct sun rays.

Even if you are not in need of prescription glasses, it is good to find progressive lenses online that can help you maintain a perfect view of the near and distant objects. The multitaskers may find this option more reliable and useful for their routines.

Things to know while buying reading glasses

So, now you might have a clear idea in your mind whether you need to buy normal reading glasses or custom reading glasses. There are a few more things that you need to understand while making your selection for the best type of reading glasses.

Choose the right type of lenses

When you are planning to order custom made reading glasses online, it is important to check the lens categories as well. There are four different types of lenses that you can think of buying:

Single vision lenses

They are useful for correcting distance vision. You can find these lenses with variable focus range, including intermediate and near vision. Selection can be made as per your prescription.

Bi-focal lenses

They help to correct the reading ability from the bottom half of the lens, whereas the upper half is useful for distant vision.

Tri-focal lenses

They come in three different sections as near vision, intermediate vision, and distance vision.

Progressive lenses

These lenses are designed to provide a smooth transition between different focal lengths. They allow clear visibility for near and far objects without any dividing lines. These lenses are more useful in correcting intermediate vision.

Choose size and shape

The next important thing is to compare available options for the size and shape of the frames. Generally, the narrow lenses are more suitable for weaker prescriptions. Whereas larger lens shapes are more useful for multi-focal lenses and stronger prescriptions. Note that in case if the lens is very small in size, you may suffer prism effect or distortion.

Metal frames are more durable

When we talk about the durability of reading glasses, the metal frames are a more valid choice. Although you may find many colors, shapes, and styles in the plastic versions, they may not have a long lifetime. On the other side, titanium, metal, and alloy frames are a better option to resist routine wear and tear. Reports reveal that titanium is considered as the most flexible and lightest material for the frames. You can find many unique options online to pick the most attractive frames for your reading glasses.

Protective coatings

Some of you may even love to pay for additional coatings to protect your eyes from all harmful rays. Some of the most popular options are anti-scratch coatings, photochromic, and anti-reflection coatings. Although they add cost to your reading glasses, they also provide enhanced protection to the eyes.

No matter what kind of reading glasses you are planning to buy, HiP Optical is the most reliable platform to make a purchase online. Here you will find thousands of unique options for frame designs, lenses, and coatings. Prefer to place an order for the most suitable product as per your face shape and requirements. Make sure you enter the right details for the prescription and pupillary distance as well. Soon you will be able to get your package at your doorstep.