Rx Glasses OnlineEveryone knows how important the eyes are for a person. There is no debate on the significance and importance of eyes. They are simply the window to the whole world. You see everything through this window. Do you know, 3 out of 4 people require eyeglasses for their eyes. There is no hesitation in wearing eyeglasses if they are required. 

But the problem is people don’t wear eyeglasses and they have hundreds of excuses against their decision. But the most common excuses or you can say issues that people face when they have to wear prescription glasses are these;

They are expensive

Prescription glasses are not the simple glasses which you can wear only at parties or no special events. They are more expensive than normal eyeglasses. They can cost you hundreds of dollars. So many people step back from buying them after hearing the price. 

No time

Time is another problem for the people because going shop to shop to look for a perfect pair and that too at a normal price is a difficult task and needs a lot of time. People with busy schedules barely think of doing this and result in no eyeglasses for them. 


This is the major issue that most people face when they have to get prescription eyeglasses. Many people can’t decide the perfect style for their face and many struggles in finding the right style that suits their profession as well. Along with this confusion, they can’t decide whether they need multiple pairs of eyeglasses and if the add-ons will be beneficial for them or not.

Services of Hip Optical

In this full confusion and difficult scenario, Hip Optical decides to put all the people out of this trauma by providing the services of perfect eyeglasses for you. We provide solutions to every problem in the field of eyeglasses. Let’s check what we provide to you.

The perfect pair

Hip Optical provides you with the best and the perfect pair for your face. It’s a difficult thing for many people and they can’t decide which pair is perfect for them. Here, at Hip Optical, we have a large diversity of choices for you to choose from so that you don’t have to go shop to shop to search for your desired pair. You can easily try which pair suits you and your profession so that you won’t be looking awkward at all. 

Unique and Elegant Styles

Hip Optical offers unique and beautiful styles for you. Many people spent a lot of time picking a style that suits them. We offer a variety of stylish and graceful eyeglasses according to your face and requirement. No matter what color you need and what style you are looking for, you are covered from everywhere by the Hip Optical. 


Hip optical finds that there is a lot of time required to select the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses when you buy them from the physical shops. By understanding the situation and difficulty, we offer you the online service of providing the best prescription eyeglasses which you can choose from sitting in your bedroom. Select from a variety of styles and color which you like the most and suits your personality and profession. 

Top-notch Quality

As you care for your money, so do we. Hip Optical provides top-notch quality for the frames so that you don’t have to spend your valuable money in buying the glasses again and again. Get the best quality at first place from the Hip Optical and save your eyes from further eyesight weakness. There are a lot of variants for every type. 

Face shape understanding

We understand not every frame is made for everyone. Everyone has their own face shape so as our glasses. We know which faces suit what type of styles. So you can get our suggestions and not only it will save you time but also money because you won’t be buying the glasses again and again. Hip Optical will provide you with the glasses that will perfectly fit your face and will definitely be liked by everyone.

Affordable price

We know the prescription glasses are not that much cheaper as compared to other glasses types. But here at Hip Optical, you can get prescription glasses at much better and affordable price than the physical shops. We provide top quality at an affordable price so that you won’t be leaving the eyeglasses because of price or quality.

24/7 Customer Support

We are available for you anytime you need us. Hip Optical won’t leave you after giving you your masterpiece. Whether you want to consult us before your order or if you have any concerns after you got your product, give us a message and we will answer every one of your questions and queries. 

30 days Money Back Guarantee

You are completely secured by our 100% money-back guarantee policy. You are given 30 days to try our product. Use it for 30 days and if you don’t like our product, return it to us without any explanation. But we have pride in our products that once you got them, you never thought to return.

Why Buy prescription glasses Online

You might be thinking that buying online can be a risky decision. You might be losing your money if the frame doesn’t fix or the pupillary distance might be not in the center, but this is not true. Its easier to get the perfect pupillary center from the specialist but it requires a lot of time as they are also busy.

Give us your face photo according to the instructions and will tell you your pupillary distance. We will make the glasses accordingly with perfect quality.

Along with this, there are a lot of other benefits of buying prescription glasses online. One of them is that they are cheaper online than in physical shops. You have to go shop to shop to select your favourite frame but here online, you can sit back home and select from your smartphone under one page.

So buying online will save you time and money. What else do you want? So go and get your preferred prescription glasses from Hip Optical


Hipoptical.com is an optical retailer in the online industry which is keen on making the online shopping experience lovely and easy as possible. We have spent many days curating the trendy, stylish, affordable and top-notch eyewear for you and your lovely friends. We are here to make your life amazing again by providing you with the prescription eyeglasses you deserve.


The motive behind providing this service is to offer affordable price and satisfactory customer service so that you have trust in online shopping. By doing so, you can get many frames to look and feel how you are looking. Along with this, you can save a lot of time and at a very low budget, get your quality stylish glasses in no time


We have a strong belief that what you look on our store would be what you get from us. Without any tricks and clearly upfront, we want to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere where you can buy without any doubts and worries. 


So why go outside for glasses when you can get them from the comfort of your home. With the 30 days, money-back guarantee, you are always safe if your glasses aren’t working well for you. Top-notch quality in affordable price is a dream of everyone and Hip optical is here for the dream to come true. If you want to look stylish, unique and professional in your profession with the glasses, get your pair from Hip Optical. Don’t let your eyesight be your weakness or any hurdle in your goals, get a pair of prescription glasses and enjoy.