Square GlassesView the World through Square Glasses from Hip Optical!

Dazzle the world in fashionable eyewear in square frames from Hip Optical! No one knows style as we do and so you get the best deals from us only. If you are looking for square-shaped frames, for working on the computer or for reading, look no further. We have square frame glasses and sunglasses too for you. Whether you go for a polished acetate or metal body, the glasses will nevertheless look great, and you will get all the compliments you want.

We, at Hip Optical, focus on getting the fitting right since they can make or break a look. We ensure to give precise measurements and even have the glass fit snug behind your ears with comfortably firm temple arms. Our specialty also lies in ensuring you get your prescription glasses with the right PD numbers to suit your needs.

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Need more reasons to fall head over heels in love with our square glasses? Look through the thick-rimmed, thin-rimmed, and oversized glasses to get that geeky look. Celebrities like Joe Jonas and Jay Z love to rock in square frames and so will you!

Square Glasses Down the Years

The need for glasses rose in the 1300s and slowly down the years, the specs were in round shape primarily. They were biconcave lenses and were in popular demand because of the need to read books, and to do trades like engraving on metals and other artistry. In the 1600s, more advancement followed when Portuguese notarian Deca de Valdes introduced the glass lenses for corrective vision. Those studies have been influential in the field of ophthalmology even today. However, it was in the 1900s, the glasses in different shapes became popular when pop culture took over. Until then, square glass frames were non-existent.

Square Glass Frames and Face Shapes to Match

Should YOU pick that stunning Deshler glasses from our exclusive Women’s collection at Hip Optical? The tortoise-shelled glass patterns and the stainless steel spring hinges are too casually chic to resist! How would you find the oversized Murray eyeglasses from our collection to help you get the signature look? These are perfect fashion accessories for your sharp jawline. Did we miss on the Men’s collection? Surely, the tortoise-shelled polished acetate square glass frames are going to give you a stylish appeal!

Let us find out if your features match.

Narrow forehead? Check. Wide cheekbones? Check. Pointed jawline? Check. Congratulations! You have it in your face to get the square eyeglasses for yourself. This is not the oracle and you are free to style even if your features do not comply with this checklist above. Nevertheless, if you have these features, you will never miss the mark in fashion sense!

Look out for

Semi-rimmed frames

Full-rimmed frames


We have each brand of glasses with a variety of colored and textured patterns on the frames. These are great for making your square eyeglasses a twist and brightening up your face too if you make a right choice. We offer polished acetate and stainless steel frames all made in the USA in our collection. Check’em out!

Don’t Squint, Just Tint - Pick the Right Square Sunglasses

At Hip Optical, we take your eyewear seriously! Thus, you can check our collection for Men sunglasses like Barfield, Egan, and others. Feel free to go through our assortment of Women sunglasses to style up in the hot summer days. With thick and thin rims, these sunglasses include Wayfarers and mirror glasses to make you look stunning in all occasions!

Who said to go for boring monochrome square eyeglasses? We, from Hip Optical, specialize in a variety of frames and they are all special for their characters. Not just frames, even the glasses we offer come in vibrant tints that are a class apart. Is there a right pair of sunglasses too for your face? Of course!

If you have a round face where you have a rounded chin without many sharp angles, you can go for an oversized pair of glasses. Dark frames would be great since they would make the face look long and not round. Likewise, oval faces look great with thin-frames of square sunglasses. These are high on building harmony between form and balance.

While picking the sunglasses, ensure your face is not square-shaped to go with these glasses since they will only be OTT!

Frames matter when buying the sunglasses as you do for getting the reading or prescription glasses. Our customer service team will guide you to understand the intricacies and details about the glasses.

‘Should I go for thick frames or thin frames of sunglasses?’

Most of us live under the presumption that one big oversized pair of sunglasses with a square frame is all we need! This is like imagining a single pair of socks for all shoes! You may compliment one day for resembling a rockstar in an oversized pair of glasses. However, there are scores of sizes on offer, so why not experiment?

Make sure the sunglasses sit smugly on the nose bridge as you ride through the city, roller skate, or even simply lie down and read a book. Your round and soft facial features should be the perfect contrast to the sharp straight lines of glasses. If you have a bottom-heavy face, that is your cheeks and chin area is wide, consider going for a top-heavy frame. Likewise, if you have a wide forehead with thick eyebrows, go for something to balance from the bottom part of the face.

More factors also contribute to your choice of square glass frames for your regular and sunglass options.

Warm Tone

If you have warm skin tone, go for walnut shade, brown-tinged frames, or even the amber-colored frames.

Cool Tone

In case of cool-toned skin complexion, go for grey, blue, black, and other such shades. As we said earlier, there is no hard and fast rule and you may as well take the plunge to go ahead and try some quirky designs at our store.

In case of any doubt, please contact us, and our experts will guide you as per your hair color or eye color.

Types of Lenses for Your Glasses

We, from Hip Optical, offer an extensive range of lenses for your glasses online. Our specialization lies in our men and women collection as much as in our types of lenses.

When it comes to problems with eyes, you cannot ignore the symptoms. The more you procrastinate, the more vision problems you face. With modern technology, a variety of lenses is on offer in terms of materials and coatings. Yes, we have the plastic and polycarbonate lenses on offer for the eyewear and we have glasses with special coatings to give them more protection. Here are the bespoke ranges of lenses we offer:

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision glasses are for those facing blur or distorted vision. They are for correcting near or farsightedness. They are the basic type of glasses you can wear all day as long as you are awake.



When the lens meets high-energy visible light rays or UV rays, the glasses turn dark. They are available for all prescription glasses and other types as extra treatment.


Anti-Reflective Coating

With this coating, the lenses reduce contrast and bring in more clarity at night. The AR Coating is necessary for high-index lenses if you opt for the same.


Scratch and Impact Resistant Coating

One more coating that is common in all modern eyewear is the scratch-resistant coating. The coating protects plastic or polycarbonate lenses from getting any impact.


Bifocals and Multifocals or Progressives

Whether you have bifocal or trifocal lenses or you simply want to transition to something handier, go for the progressives. We have all of these treatments and types of lenses to suit everyone.

Shopping from Hip Optical

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