What Is Pupillary Distance In GlassesPupillary Distance (PD) is a calculation of the distance between eye pupils. PD is the distance between the center of your left pupil and that of the right eye. Pupillary distance measurement is required to ensure the center of eyewear is directly before the wearer’s pupil. Besides, PD is needed to ensure your new eyeglasses fit and rectify your vision appropriately. 

Lenses should be centered over the eyes to carry out their job perfectively. When eyeglasses are made based on the measurement of the PD, the pupil is correctly aligned with lenses. Lenses usually redirect the light that gets into the eyes so that they can focus straight on the retina. 

When the lenses are made to fit your pupil, incoming light is focused. In doing so, eyeglasses help to correct your vision optimally. Well-fitting lenses that are made using the right prescription are vital for seeing and prevention of eyestrain. When it comes to pupillary distance measurement, we use eye recognition software that ensures accuracy is achieved.

Pd Ruler

A pd ruler is used to calculate the pupillary distance of your eyes. In fact, many eye doctors use a ruler to carry out pupillary distance measurement. Before using your ruler, it is vital to ensure that it will enable you to calculate the pd in millimeters. 

That is the standard measurement unit. If your eye doctor did not provide you with any prescription, we’ve got you covered. We employ innovative recognition software to measure your PD accurately. The application scans your eyes to obtain the exact measurement. We do the measurement in less than 30 seconds, and it’s extremely accurate.

Alternatively, you can measure your PD alone or have it measured by a friend. 


Monocular Pd

There are two main ways to calculate the pupillary distance: binocular and monocular PD. Binocular or single PD involves measuring the distance from one pupil to the other. On the other hand, monocular or dual PD constitutes a measure of the distance from the pupil to the nose bridge on each side. 

This means a calculation of monocular pd results in two numbers. It is believed that the dual PD is more accurate. This is based on the idea that people's pupil to nose measurement may not be equidistant on both sides. The idea behind monocular pd is to maximize the accuracy of pupillary distance measurement.

We not only help you measure your PD accurately using our eye recognition software but also offer you glasses that perfectly fit your eyes. Whether you are looking for women’s eyeglasses or men’s glasses, we have your favourite eyewear.


Eye strain is a term used to describe symptoms related to how the eyes are used.  Eye strains mostly occur when the eyes become tired of being overused. For instance, working for an extended time at the computer, driving a car for long periods, reading, among other reasons, can make your eyes strain and have discomforts. 

The majority of the people blink less while working on long visual tasks. The decreased blinking make the ocular surface to dry hence resulting in eyes problem. Eye strains can be very annoying. However, most of the time, these strains disappear when the eyes rest. 

In some extents, the eye strains may be serious such that they do not go away even after your eyes get to rest. When this happens, it can be an indication of the eye problem that will require treatment. Some people will experience headaches and blurring vision caused by eye strains. 

This may be an indication that the eye has muscle imbalance and will require eyeglasses to correct hyperopia, astigmatism, or myopia. It is recommendable to wear glasses with correct prescriptions to avoid more straining of the eyes. Search our catalogue for your favorite glasses.

Progressive lenses 

Progressive lenses are a kind of multifocal lens explicitly designed for individuals who need restorative lenses to see close and distant objects. To lay it out simply, these lenses permit you to have clear vision at various distances with no bifocal line. 

Age surges the need to wear progressive lens. By age 35 or 40, many individuals experience challenges concentrating their eyes on close objects. This problem is referred to as presbyopia. To make up for this concentration issue, some individuals put on single-vision eyewear for distance. Others wear reading glasses to visualize close items.

Although this method can work, progressive lenses offer a more convenient and simple solution to eyesight issues linked to age. In particular, the upper segment of the progressive lens offers the kind of strength you need to see in the distance clearly. 

The lenses increase vision abilities to see closer objects, owing to their lower section. On the other hand, the central section allows the wearer to visualize clearly at middle or intermediate distances. 

We offer high-quality progressive lenses that correct all vision fields in a single lens. With our lenses, you don’t need to change between distance and reading glasses. Head to our progressive products page and select your prescription type. We also offer progressive lenses upgrade at a reasonable cost. 


Eyes are an important part of every human health. People use their eyes to see and comprehend the environment around them. Some of the common ways to care for your eyes are wearing sunglasses and protective eyewear. Eyes can get damaged when exposed to a lot of sunlight. 

Sun exposure increases the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration associated with advance age. However, sunglasses can safeguard your eyes from up to 100 percent UV radiation. We have an assortment of women’s sunglasses where you can select and your preferred type. 

Similarly, our collection of men’s sunglasses has a wide range of eyewear. Simply select and buy your preferred lenses from these collections.

Work settings that might pose risks to eyes include construction work and house repair work. Therefore, in such settings, it is vital to wear protective glasses.

Besides, diseases associated with eyes pose a major threat to a person’s vision abilities. When you detect any challenge or problem with your vision, it is recommendable to visit an eye doctor. Eye doctors are skilled in providing eye care. 

This includes diagnosing different types of vision problems. Besides, they are best placed to prescribe appropriate eyewear that would correct vision issues. So a pair of glasses might be just what you need to correct and improve your vision. You can purchase your eyeglasses online from us. Search our prescription glasses catalogue from anywhere and at your convenience.

Eye exam

An eye exam is conducted to examine eyesight and diagnose eye and vision problems. Oftentimes, people do not get their eyes examined until when some challenge with vision is experienced. But it is vital to have an eye exam regularly. 

This is an important aspect of eye care that helps to promote the health of your eye. Besides, it helps to diagnose eye problems early enough. In doing so, the identified vision problem is corrected. 

Undertaking a comprehensive eye exam is important since some eye conditions do not exhibit warning signs. About such problems, an eye exam is the only method of diagnosis. The good thing about eye examination is that it helps to detect such diseases early enough. This makes it easy to treat such eye conditions.

Eye doctors

When you make an appointment to get your eyes checked by an eye doctor, you will consult with an optician, optometrist, or ophthalmologist. Each of these eye doctors has varying levels of expertise and training. This enables them to offer different eye care services.

An optometrist offers primary eye care that includes services such as eye testing and correcting vision changes. Besides, optometrists are engaged in undertaking vision and eye exams, diagnosing some eye irregularities, offering visual rehabilitation, and much more.

Opticians are technicians that are trained to design as well as fit visual aids, including contact lenses and eyeglass frames. An optician uses the prescriptions from ophthalmologists and optometrists to ascertain and fit visual aids.

On the other hand, the services offered by ophthalmologists are similar to those provided by optometrists. These include eyewear prescription and fitting. Besides, they treat eye problems and undertake eye surgery.

Sometimes, these eye doctors collaborate with other health professionals, including nurses, technicians, and medical assistants, to offer effective eye care services. 

In case your doctor did not provide you with your prescription, you can link us with him or her, and we shall call on your behalf and get your prescription.

Wrap up

To get appropriate and effective eye care, you need to consult the right eye doctor. A trained eye doctor will provide appropriate eye care to correct identified vision problem. Eyeglasses constitute one of the ways to correct eye problems. This involves ensuring accurate pupillary distance measurement.