Cheap Glasses FramesHave you wondered why the glass frames which you bought looked so appealing when they were displayed but after wearing it, it simply looks hideous? It could be that the frame of the glass is not suiting the shape of your face. Or the color of the frame is not suiting the complexion of your skin. 

A lot of factors determine which type of eyeglass will suit you.

This is a common problem that every first-time buyer faces. Eyeglasses have the ability to change the looks of a person. Therefore, when you are buying any eyeglass you should select the shape of the glass as per the features of your face.

How to choose your glass frame?

In order to select the perfect glass frame, first, you need to determine the shape of your face. As per the shape of your face, you should select which frame will suit you the best. To know the shape of your face, you should move your hair from your face and look in a straightforward manner into the mirror and determine the shape of your face.

Select a frame as per your face shape 

Diamond shaped faces

Diamond shape faces refer to faces that have broader cheeks and narrow forehead and jaw. This face shape is very rare. In order to balance out the cheekbones, one can opt for brown shade glass frames and are in the shape of cat eyes. This type of glasses will definitely balance the overall look. This frame can be fitted with both single vision lens or bifocal lens.

Oval face

Oval shaped faces are considered as the ideal face shape for any glasses. A face that has a broader top third than the bottom third is known as an oval-shaped face. Since oval-shaped faces are beautiful in their natural state, you need a glass frame that will keep the beauty of the natural face. For oval-shaped faces, you can try out walnut-shaped frames. These frames are not too deep and hence they complement the shape of the face.

Also, note that the pupillary distance of the oval face is further apart as compared to other types of pf face. Therefore, make sure to opt for a frame which is pretty long in length.

Heart shape face

A heart-shaped face refers to the face which has a narrow chin and a broad forehead. Since the dimensions of this type of face are not balanced, you need a frame that will reduce the width of the forehead, thereby, complimenting the lower third of your face. To bring this balance, you can opt for light-colored frames or even frameless glasses. This type of glasses will balance out the overall look of your face.

Square Face

Square shaped faces have a similar proportion of the top and bottom third. The forehead and the jawline of the face have similar dimensions, almost like a straight line. For this type of face, you need a frame that will ease out the edgy angles of your face. An oval frame is perfect for a square-shaped face. Oval shaped frames neutralize the edgy angles of your face.  

Round Face

Round faces are cute and they resemble the shape of a baby. Round shaped faces exhibit a similar width and length and there are no edgy angles like the square face. Therefore, in order to bring in a more matured look, you can try out frames that are more square and narrow in shape. These types of frames will definitely make your face look a bit longer.

Oblong face shape

Oblong faces refer to the faces which are longer than the width. The cheek line in this type of face shape is straight and long. To make the face look a bit round and shorter, you need to go for deeper width frames. This frame will balance out the entire look of the face. 

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Which other factors affect the selection of the eye frames?

So far we discussed how face shape can help you to decide which eye frame will suit you the best. Face shape is not the only parameter that needs to be met in order to get the perfect pair of specs. You also need to take account of other factors that will influence the look of the frame on you.

Few factors to consider are:

Eye Colour

Your eye color plays a massive role when deciding which frame to opt for. For example, if you have blue eyes that are subtle, then opting for a rimless eye frame would be the most suitable option. On the other hand, if you have prominent brown eyes, then opting for a cat eyes frame will suit you more.

Skin Tone

Like Eye color, skin tone also plays a massive role in deciding which eye frame will suit you the best. If you have a cool skin color, that is more towards the pinkish side, then colorful eye frames will definitely suit you. But if you have a more wheatish color, then dark colors like black or brown frame will be the perfect choice for you.

Hair Colour

If you have blond or light-colored hair then you can opt for frames that are colorful like gold, orange, coral, etc. On the other hand, if you have dark hair like black or brown, then you should go for a frame that has more depth and color like brown frame, deep gray-colored frames and many more.

Did we help out clear your confusion? 

Check your face shape, skin tone, hair, and eye color to decide which frames you will suit you. After you shortlist a bunch of frames, then from the shortlisted bunch again, evaluate those frames and select the one which suits you completely.

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