How To Order Your Glasses Online

If you are  searching for the best pair of glasses, there is no need to waste time wandering the local markets. Rather, you can shop online while sitting on your sofa. HiP Optical platform is ready to serve your needs for custom made eyeglasses online. Here you can find some of the unique frame collections that can meet your specific style requirements.

Types of eyeglasses you can order online

According to professionals at HiP Optical, every person needs to buy three pairs of eyeglasses to make their routines more convenient. It is important to mention that they are not just a style accessory, you will find these glasses useful for blocking UV rays and to protect your eyes from harmful blue light as well. Here we have listed a few details about the three most famous pairs of eyeglasses:

Prescription Glasses

There is no doubt to say that the pair of eyeglasses that you wear every day plays an important role in your life, it has to be crystal clear and comfortable. That is why experts advise customizing your prescription glasses with the right set of lenses, frames, and size. As soon as you get a prescription from your optometrist, you can update the information on the website along with other details to order the best pair of prescription glasses. Your glasses should minimize the distortion while ensuring full comfort all day long.

Digital Protection Glasses

These glasses are designed to reduce the exposure to harmful blue light coming out of device screens. Studies reveal that almost 43% of adults are working on profiles that require them to use tablets or computers all day long. And the sad fact is that many people don’t even realize that excessive digital eyestrain is leading to a medical issue with few serious symptoms such as irritated, dry eyes with blurry vision. Many of them are even facing headaches, back pain, and neck pain due to extended sitting hours.

The right pair of digital glasses can help you to reduce the harmful effects of Blue Light emitted by your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Even if you are not in need of a vision correction prescription, these glasses are a must for everyone. Prefer to order the most suitable pair of digital protection glasses from the HiP Optical platform. Make sure you wear them during office settings and while using devices at home as well.

Polarized Sunglasses

Those who spend more time outdoors may need a solid solution to deal with the harmful UV rays. Well, polarized glasses can help you better maintain visual clarity while driving and relaxing on the deck. Note that polarized lenses are basically coated with a specially designed film that works for reducing the impact of glare. It protects your eyes from sun rays that are reflected from solid surfaces, snow, and water as well. Moreover, they look stylish when you move outdoors. You can find some of the most attractive pairs of polarized sunglasses on the HiP Optical platform to stay protected outdoors. With these glasses, you can maintain enhanced clarity and better accuracy.

What to check while placing an order for eyeglasses online?

As technology advances, the quality of lenses is also improving. So, you can find many options on the market. While buying eyeglasses online, you can make customization for the lens type to meet your specific requirements. Most of the lenses these days are made up of high-tech plastic materials. The new versions are much lighter, and they are not breakable like glass. Moreover, they provide a filter to shield your eyes from harmful UV light.

Below we have listed some of the best options for lens types of easing your purchase online:


These impact-resistant lenses appear the best choice for all those who are actively involved in sports activities because they do not get damaged easily. You can also prefer these glasses for kids as well because they follow lesser precautions to care for there lenses.  These lenses also come with UV protection ability.


These lenses are designed using new plastic, which is much similar to polycarbonate lenses. You will find them thin, light in weight, and impact-resistant as well. These lenses are a better choice for vision correction.


When they come into the sunlight, they automatically change from clear to tinted appeal. It means, when you have these glasses, there is no need to invest in sunglasses separately. They can be made up of plastic and glass material as well.

Polarized sunglasses

Another famous option you will find on the HiP Optical platform are polarized glasses that are capable enough to reduce glare from reflecting surfaces like water. They are the best choice for driving and sports activities as well. However, they make it a little difficult to see on liquid crystal displays of your car dashboard.

Depending upon the specific vision problem, you can ask the optometrist for the best type of lenses. Instead of buying any of these randomly, it is better to go ahead with the expert suggestions.

Another common task is to check the type of coating you may need for your glasses. The HiP Optical platform offers an easy selection for the best type of coatings for your glasses. Below we have listed some of the best options that you can choose:

Anti-reflective coating

They are more useful to prevent your vision loss due to reflections, glare, halos around light. Also, they add a nicer look to your eyeglasses.

Scratch-resistant coating

As the name indicates, this coating is capable enough to enhance the overall life of your glasses. The scratch-resistant coating makes them more suitable for your active lifestyle.

Tinted lenses

Buyers can also think of investing in tinted glasses to keep their eyes safe from bright sunlight. You can find lenses with light or dark tint of color to meet your specific requirements. Usually, the yellow tint is preferred to enhance the contrast, whereas the gray tint doesn’t change the color of objects.

You can ask your optometrist to know which one of these may meet your specific vision requirements.

Steps to place order for eyeglasses on HiP Optical Platform

There are plenty of design and style options for eyeglasses on the HiP Optical platform. You will find it easier to choose the most attractive pair of eyeglasses for your routines. The best thing to know about these sellers is that on every purchase you make, they donate a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need. So, when you buy from HiP Optical, you contribute for a good cause.

Below we have listed a few simple steps that you need to follow while making a purchase for glasses online:

Step 1

The first most task one needs to do is identify your specific face shape. It will help you to decide about the most suitable frame type and glass size for your wearable. The online tool can help you to identify your face shape with ease.

Step 2

The next big task is to choose the right frame size for your needs. If you are already wearing glasses, you may have a clear idea about the frame size that suits you best. However, beginners may find this selection a little difficult. Make sure you choose frame type depending upon your eye size, temple length, and bridge as well.

Step 3

Make sure you enter up to date prescription details. It is important for your optical health. It is good to make an appointment with the optometrist and get the right details about what kind of correction you need. Enter those details to the HiP Optical website while making a purchase. These professionals will help you get custom lenses as per your specific requirements.

Step 4

Choose the type of lenses and tint. It is good to choose the most durable and sturdy material for your eyeglasses so that they can last longer.

Step 5

Once you have entered all the details about the type of eyeglasses you need, it is time to checkout and make payment online. These professionals ensure fast delivery at your doorstep.