Prescription Sunglasses

Our eyesight is one of the most essential senses. 80% of perception comes to us through our eyesight. Being a physical portal, eyes gain a more significant place in our body because they collect the data or information from the environment and send it to the brain. In this sense, our whole perception depends on the fact of how well we see the world around us. So, our vision must be very clear if we want to perform well in our life. For this purpose, we must use that lens, which enlightens our vision and enhances the glamour of our personality and obviously suitable to our wallet too.

Hipoptical is not just a name; it’s an amazing place where you get all you need for your own glasses. With Hipoptical you can alter even minor details or modify glasses according to your own style and perfect for your precious eyes. They provide you the opportunity to select from a wide range of glasses from fashionable ones to high classic ones. So, you can see the world in a classic and unique way. 

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are not new for all of us. But, the main point to focus is how well we are aware of their significance and benefits. They hold back the glare. Basically, they block the horizontal waves, and only vertical rays are allowed to pass through them. Hipoptical polarized lenses are covered by a special chemical film for the neutralization of glare, which is produced by the reflection of light through any solid surface and from water. They play an essential role in the protection of your eyes.

Protection from UV rays

Hipoptical helps you in the protection of eyes from UV rays through their highly specialized lenses. These lenses have a wide variety of designs to choose your favorite one according to your own personality. These glasses help you to enjoy your holiday at the beach without any worry of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Hipoptical glasses will protect your precious eyes from every hazard of rays. UV protective lenses will filter 99.9% of blue light and harmful rays from damaging your eyes and always keep your vision clear.

Prescription Glasses with Your Favorite Shade and Frame

At Hipoptical, you have a chance to choose from a wide range of shades as well as from different designs and convert them into your prescription glasses. Expert opticians at Hipoptical will help you to select glasses frame as per the prescription. You don't need to feel worried related to anything; their expert and helpful team will do everything for you. You have to tell them your requirements and what shade you would like to have in your glasses. 

Lenses with Single Vision

Single Vision shades are generally very common in prescription lenses, and Hipoptical has numerous different shades and designs to choose from. You can not only make your personality more classic with these lenses, but also, they will help your glamorous eyes in both myopia mean nearsightedness and hyperopia, meaning farsightedness. These are perfect for book lovers in this sense that they are helpful in their reading. So, now you don't need to give up your favorite book. Hipoptical will remain to assist you and give your reading passion a uniqueness. Now read with style.

Pupillary distance

There is no need to go somewhere else for the measurement of your pupillary distance. Hipoptical has a very good team of expert opticians. Many people don't have an idea about their pupillary distance and how beneficial this information is for them. It is very significant for people to know their PD because this distance of the pupils allows people to conveniently determine whether their eyes are able to see through this lens or not. A team of expert opticians of Hipoptical will easily check your PD in several ways and then tell you a correct PD for your glasses. Specifically, for this and generally, for its huge range of designs and shades, Hipoptical is creating its special place among all other brands in the market. PD for the kids ranges from 43 to 58, and for adults, it is usually between 54 to 74.

There is also a chance to measure your PD by yourself by simply following this easy procedure. On the website of hipoptical this facility is available you just need to download their app from their site and this app will guide with all instructions and measure your pupilary distance through your webcam with the help of any magnetic card. This magnetic card can be any credit card or debit card or card of similar type and then the app will assist you how to correctly place this card and where to look. Just in a few seconds they will give you your PD. Then you have to fill a form related to name, email address, etc.

Glasses are based on an eyeglass prescription

All glasses from Hipoptical will be based on the instructions related to your vision prescription provided to you by your optometrist. A team of skilled and expert opticians will attentively take care that all parameters will surely be followed, and all values remain according to the prescription. The team also has too much focus on all the chances of providing you a better possible classic, stylish frame to enhance the charm of your personality more and more. They help you in the selection of prescription glasses. 

Men and Women glasses

Both men and women have different thinking patterns, and when it comes to style, both genders have their own requirements and sets of points for satisfaction. In this case, it is difficult to fulfill both gender demands from one style. Hipoptical has a massive range of stylish glasses for men and women. They can easily choose according to their wish. Skilled opticians help them to find better glasses according to their requirements. They have a range of classic hipster glasses with unique styles for both men and women. Hipoptical understands that hipsters are the first choice for musicians and artists and try its best to provide as much stylishness as it can.

High-quality Prescription Glasses to Protect Eyes

Every one of us knows the significance of glasses in our daily life routine. If our vision is not clear and you are unable to see things properly then surely we will suffer in every task we are performing no matter it is reading or drawing, playing or driving, cooking or sewing, etc. All tasks need perfect eyesight for better results. When we do not see properly, our perception becomes weak, and it creates frustration. To save you from this frustration, Hipoptical provides you high quality, best UV protective prescription glasses. These glasses protect your eyes from strong UV rays from the sun, and there is no need to sacrifice your clear vision by wearing Rx sunglasses made by the team of experts. 

Their designer prescription sunglasses are crafted from a high level of first-class material. Hip Optical glasses are solid and hypoallergenic, and at the same time, they are as light in weight as one feather to save your eyes and nose from carrying some extra burden.  To make the glasses corrosion-free, they use materials like titanium, beryllium, and nylon. The use of polycarbonate lenses makes them lighter than plastic and glass lenses, and moreover, they are much thinner and impact resistant.

Order Sunglasses Online

First of all, you have to visit some good Ophthalmologists and get your vision prescription and then try to find out your PD. After collecting all this information, contact one of the expert opticians online from hipoptical and give him all your details. He will then help you in the selection of the perfect frame. After the selection of frames, you have to choose your favorite shade, and then when all is done, your optician will confirm all information related to your prescription lens. Then you place your glasses in your cart and pay through your preferred paying method. 

During the process of getting prescription glasses from Hipoptical, you have to provide some personal benefit information. But, this personal benefit is secured and erased when you close.

Discount and Full Refund 

A discount is the most charming thing for all of us. Hipoptical regularly places discount sales on its website for different kinds of frames with several shades. There are different sales and discount rates, which range from a huge variety of simple designs to even the stylish lush frames. Hipoptical is the only place where you can even find discount rated stylish classic frames in the sale too. They update their website for these stylish discount glasses continuously. Their glasses with unique frames always met top fashion trends for meeting people’s demands. They have lots of options to choose from. Hipoptical has some specific time for a full refund in case of disliking the product. But we are sure you like it.

Their motto is to deliver high designer eyeglasses with high quality at affordable prices for all. They believe that wearing perfect prescription glasses is everyone's right, no matter what status they are spending their life, and when you purchase one pair from the Hipoptical website, they donate one pair to those who are in need.