Lifetime Cost Of Wearing Glasses

Some people think that if you wear glasses, you will probably spend a lot of money over your lifetime. But it isn’t wise and economical when a lot of your money is spent on eyeglasses. At HiP Optical, we have cost-effective glasses that perfectly fit into everyone’s budget. We provide high-quality glasses that will save you money in the course of your lifetime.

How frequently do you order new eyeglasses? The Vision Council has established that the average person acquires a pair of glasses every year. Some buy several sets of eyeglasses per year for function or style. Others use the same pair for a long time. Despite whether you purchase one pair or several sets each year, the fact is, it adds up fast.

Lifetime cost of glasses

There is no precise procedure to calculate the lifetime cost of eyeglasses. This is because prices vary from one retailer to another, and different types come at varied prices. Some frames will cost you below $100 while you can spend up to $700 on others. When the cost of lenses is added to this, your pair of glasses becomes quite expensive.

But a quick way to determine the lifetime cost is to consider the cost of frames and the number of replacements done per year. Then add the cost of glasses, including that of replacements over the years.

Pair of glasses

Once the vision of a person is impaired, a pair of glasses will become a necessity. The reason for this is that you will not see clearly without glasses, so they become part of your life. Some people get relieved after their eye problem is corrected. 

But for vision deficiencies that can’t be rectified, one has to wear eyeglasses for their entire life. This means a lot will go into the budget for glasses every year. It can be overwhelming to find a perfect pair of glasses with many of them on the market. 

At HiP Optical, we have a collection of high-quality glasses for both men and women. Save yourself the ordeal! HiP Optical will offer you a pair of glasses at a reasonable price.

The average price of glasses

Everyone would want to have killer frames and lenses. But how can you get reasonably priced glasses without compromising on quality and style? Well, the perfect point to begin is finding out the average cost of eyeglasses. The price people buy their eyeglasses vary wildly. 

While you can buy a frame from as low as $8, some other brands rate theirs above $700. Likewise, lenses costs vary considerably on the market. For people who crave stylish brands, they may not mind about costs. But if you are looking for cheap glasses, you need to be selective.

The average cost of eyeglasses is about $196. Individuals with no insurance should expect to pay the full cost. Vision insurance covers some costs and some offer coverage for an eye exam.

How much to spend on glasses?

You definitely need to have a budget for your eyeglasses. Having vision insurance will help you to cover some costs. Some cover eyewear that is within a certain price range. If you want to have additional features on your glasses, such as an anti-reflective coat, your insurance cover may not include them. 

With the average price being around $196, you are likely to spend the same amount or more. So this price offers you a point to begin drawing a budget. Ensure to include the cost of related accessories such as a casing, cleaning solution, and clothing for cleaning eyeglasses. A total of all these will give you an idea of the much that will go into your eyeglasses.

With our groundbreaking prices, you don’t need to spend more than you should. HiP Optical aims to make glasses affordable to everyone. Our glasses are unmatched in quality and prices.

Contact lenses

These are a great choice for people who require vision correction but don’t want to put on glasses all the time or undertake Lasik surgery. There are numerous forms of contact lenses to choose from. 

Soft lenses are made using gel-like water that contains some plastics known as hydrogels. These kinds of lenses are pliable and very thin. This matrix enables them to fit in your eye’s front surface. An advanced kind of soft lens is silicone hydrogel lenses. These are more porous than an ordinary hydrogel lens and permit more oxygen to get to the cornea.

Hybrid contact lenses offer more comfort in comparison to soft and hydrogel lenses. However, they are not the number one choice for many people because they are difficult to fit. Besides, they are extra expensive to replace compared to others. Other contact lenses include gas permeable and PMMA lenses. 

The right contact lenses must offer good vision by correcting your vision problem. They should also fit your eyes. The great thing about contact lenses is that they come in various combinations of curvature and diameter.

Retail prices

The eyewear industry is characterized by many retailers who sell different types of eyeglasses and sunglasses. While this offers a variety of glasses, you can choose from; some do not offer the quality they purport. Many of those that have quality glasses offer them at expensive rates. This is the challenge that HiP Optical seeks to resolve once and for all. We offer high-quality eyeglasses at a fraction of the prices offered by expensive brands.

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