Cool Glasses For MenOften wearing glasses can make you look nerdy and less approachable but these were the stories of back days. The glasses frame that fits your face can compliment you in undefined ways. It not only makes you look attractive but also adds value to your personality, but how do we differentiate which glass to choose and are the style of glasses safe to wear. The one answer to all these queries is hipoptical. They provide cool glasses for men who are prescribed safe and uber-stylish. Glasses are one of most essential pieces in one’s closet to look proper, it makes us look sharp and edgy. on your face can totally make or break your whole look so investing in a good pair is extremely essential. The website offers you an option to choose from the design that reflects your personality and matches your vibe.

The glass frames to fit every face

Everyone needs to have their spectacles made according to their face specifications. The same frame cannot be pulled by two different individuals. Hence hipoptical personalized each glass by providing the correct frame shape and lens are also provided by uploading the photo of prescription. Utmost care is maintained while making every frame and lens. The website ll find the perfect frame for you that will compliment your face and also finds the perfect lens that is recommended by your doctor.


It is important to buy the glasses that you are going to wear for hours from a trusted place even before, it is important to build a trust where you know your eyes are in safe hands and they are going to get the best of what they deserve. The website gives us assurance of secure manufacturing, the prescription glasses are often termed as boring but here is the problem solver that gives a different charm and vivacious look while keeping the security of great comfort. They also consult your doctor for your single vision updates that gives us greater assurance that we are in safe hands.

Multiple options to choose

Your hands will get tired of scrolling but we won't run out of designs. There are so many options in terms of designs for youngsters to grannies. The acetate frames have two categories that differentiate the men and women design to provide the ease of choosing. The quality of each frame is best and special mentions are given on which frame that fits the square face frames, rectangular frame or oval-shaped faces frame. They recommend the best glasses for every face shape.


The numerous designs are great because they cover a whole world of originality for a fun mood to a lively mood or if you are in a formal look, we have an option for you. There are girly designs for the chic girls and more cool designs for the tomboys. Most of the designs are multi purpose. The collection has all types of glasses which approach one whether it be cateye, aviator frames, rimless, browline or round rectangular square frames. Some people are also fond of retro sunglasses and some like wooden frames. There are enough options for all types of people. The website has all the plans to spoil you in all possible ways. 

Top-notch quality

All frames are packed and shipped within a week and if the frame doesn't satisfy you then there is a risk-free guarantee of getting all the money back. These frames are vision correcting and help the most in being able to see things clearly. While choosing the correct frame for you the website gets in touch with your Doctor as he is the best person who would determine the best suitable lens. 


The biggest problem in the eyewear industry is that if you order a glass frame with a prescribed lens, it will cost you too much. We have tried to make it affordable and also guarantee the authenticity of quality lenses which are going to make your eyewear accentuate your look. You are going to thank the website for their low prices and great customer service. Everyone wants designer eyewear but the prices are the factor that they feel is not worth it. The glasses frame is also very delicate to handle and if you invest a huge amount in glasses it will be a problem if you break it or lose it . But if the glasses frames are affordable then the loss is less and the maintenance is also affordable.

Hidden Cause

When we say these frames add value to your life, we don't just mean that it enhances your looks but for every frame that you purchase from the website. The makers donate one pair of glasses to someone who needs help with their eyesight. What could be a better charity than adding vision to someone's life. Who would ever think that shopping for their own-selves can also contribute to charity.

The frames reflect emotions and imagine the amount of gratefulness the receiver is going to feel when they actually get it. It is going to be unimaginable. We all need to do our bit in the world to bring a little change, and empathy is the greatest of all to have. When you buy a pair of frames, you are not just shopping but also bringing some amount of change. 

The debate for the best site for getting frames ends here as we found the website which provides cool glasses for everyone and every need at the most affordable rate. A huge variety of hipster designs for all age groups and every face shape.

Style is very personal and subjective, it changes from person to person hence providing a platform where there is variety and chance to explore is worthy.