Eyeglass FrameGlasses are not essential only for correcting vision. Or, they not only used as runs of the mill accessory. It is common for us to wear glasses throughout the day, in all work situations, and in every social place. Currently, the uses of eyeglasses are endless up to the extent why most individuals are using them as fashion accessories. Other than this, some individuals buy eyewear because they want to look excellent. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the best eyeglasses that can flatter your facial features.

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Choose The Best Eyeglass Frames And Frame Styles As Per Your Face Shape

Eyeglass frames help a lot in giving you a fabulous look. However, eyeglass frames can give you a different look other than what you've in your mind if you don't take your time to choose wisely.  Therefore, it is crucial to select the best eyeglass frame by looking at the features. With the frame features, it will be easier to determine eyeglass frames that meet your needs and the ones that don't. Some of the most popular eyeglasses frames face shapes to consider include:


You identify an eyeglass frame to be an oval face-shape one when it features a narrow-related look at the chin and forehead and more broad shape at the cheekbones. The interesting thing to note is that the majority of eyeglass frames suit this proportion.

Always consider going for square-shaped eyeglass frames, round-shaped eyeglass frames, or rectangular-shaped eyeglass frames, but do this while focusing on your personal style.

For the best look, consider purchasing eyeglass frames that are a little wider or wide compared to your face. Also, remember to note that the sizes of men are different from those of women. Therefore, it is crucial to check the measurements of the eyeglasses against your face.


A heart-shaped eyeglass frame comes with soft features. Other than having a more extensive top, these soft-related features also come with a narrow chin. These ones are the right choice for men because of the exaggerated brow lines, bottom-heavy frames, and a top-heavy shape. For women, you should go for the cat-eye eyeglass shape. Other than this, we have a rimless style and half-rim style, which works excellent for any gender.


An angular-shaped glass frame or rectangular-shaped glass is the perfect option if you have a rounded chin, soft features, more extensive cheeks, and a broader forehead. Also, there are rectangular frames and Wayfarers, which work perfectly for all genders. Never go for round frames since they will overstate the circular shape.

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A square face is a common feature in the case of a broader forehead that also comes with a robust jawline. For this face shape, you need to choose a pilot-style frame, oval-style frame, or round-style frame. The oval and pilot frames are the perfect option for women since they will help in softening their look.


For the oblong face, you need to choose frames with light colors, contrasting temples, and broad bottoms. Always consider keeping your face's natural symmetry while wearing glasses. In the case of men and women with this kind of look, you need to go for bold frames.


For those with narrow foreheads and wide cheekbones, opening up into a broad chin, you should give test frames with more extensive tops. Other things that complement this shape include uniformed colors and stylized brow lines. Examples of those that work excellently for men and women include Clubmasters and many other frame shapes that are wide-sized.

Single Vision Eyeglasses

Single-vision eyeglasses fall under the category of the most famous prescription lenses. These are the best glasses for any farsighted or nearsighted individual. Also, you need to go for these eyeglasses if you're an astigmatism individual. They can help you in seeing at a distance that goes up to thirty feet. Other than this, you can use single-vision eyeglasses for day-to-day activities such as reading, driving, or looking at your computer screen.

Find The Perfect Eyeglass Shapes, Frame Styles, And Colors

For Skin tone, the best colors are deep brown, smoky blues, brown, purple and black, warm browns, and many more. In the case of hair color, the best colors include thick creams, bright tortoise, brown, and many more. Finally, for eye color, choose green, earthy brown, deep greens, and many more.

As said earlier, eyeglasses vary from one to another. So, it is crucial to consider your shape before purchasing one. You will always get the best eyewear that meets your face shape needs. We have eyeglasses for those with square face shapes, glasses for those with round face shapes, eyeglasses for those with oval face shapes, eyeglasses for those with triangle face shapes and eyeglasses for those with heart face shapes. Take your time and choose the best glass. 

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Eye Exams For Better Eyeglasses

Eyecare starts with an eye exam at least once per year. Going for eye exams from time to time and seeking only the help of an eye doctor is the right step you can take. Through this, you can quickly identify any health problems that can lead to vision loss. 

Quality Eyeglasses For Eye Care

You need to ensure healthy eyes by taking care of your eyes' health. Wearing protective eyewear at the right time and correctly is one way through which you can make this a reality. Here, you need to wear eyewear while in or going to hobby workshops, outdoor sports, or industrial situations. 

Also, getting regular eye exams is another excellent way of ensuring healthy eyes. Here, you need to seek this service for a professional eye care provider.

Seek Advice From Eye Doctors

It is always crucial to seek advice for eye doctors before buying eyeglasses. With the help of well-experienced eye doctors, you get an easy time choosing the best glasses that fit your lifestyle.  

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses are known for their top's bold styling and light details feared on the lens' lower side. Other than this, the top part of the cat eyeglasses is broader compared to their bottom side. 

Also, you need to note that cat eyeglasses come in different styles. In this era, you will come across subtle upswept or striking upswept cat eyeglasses. Also, there are cases where the upward sweeping browline works excellently with many other shapes like an oversized D-frame lens or a rounded oval lens. 

Pupillary Distance

Pupillary distance refers to a gap between the left eye's pupil center and the right eye's pupil center. You need to make this measurement in millimeters and ensure it is accurate so that the lens' center can be in line with the eye's center. 

It is always crucial to seek assistance from your optician in getting this pupil distance. Also, you request a colleague to assist you and carry out the measurements yourself. Ensure that your prescription features this measurement in the cases where an optician assists you in carrying out the process. 

Men Women Eyeglass Frames

Always choose the best eyeglass frame that suits your unique face shape. Take time and go through all the glasses in the store so that you can find the best one. Remember, the best eyeglass is the one that repeats your personal feature. Also, ensure that the frame shape of that eyewear contrasts with the shape of your face. 

Order Glasses Online

Ordering eyeglasses online that suit your needs is not an easy process. Ensure that you go through all the extensive frames and get one that will meet all your needs. You will always get the best eyeglass for high cheekbones, small faces, or broad forehead. 


Hipoptical’s primary aim is to see that every individual has access to the right eyeglasses that suit their lifestyle needs. Thus, this is the reason we offer the best eyeglass frames for all individuals, including those with disabilities or visual impairments.